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    im lookin at buying a new nikon buckmaster 3-9x 40 for my model 700 300wsm any one ever use one and what are your thoughts about it

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    I've been looking at them too. Nikon makes plenty of lenses for cameras and their optics are nice. I've had my eye on a Monarch 4-16x42 with BDC reticle.

    I don't think you'll go wrong if you buy one. Just shop around and get the best deal.


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      Have one

      I have both a Nikon Buckmaster and the Nikon team primos and really like them both


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        Do you have someone nearby that carries them? And maybe you could look through one alongside the Leupy VX1 ? Thats what I'd do. And then live with my decision. Have looked through a Nikon Monarch and compared clarity, edge-edge with the VX1 I owned. One step up from what you want to buy. My VX1 3-9x40 owned the 4-12 Monarch. The Monarch had flare at the edges, was not clear, to say. Was glad on my purchase after that.

        BUT, that is the only Monarch I have ever looked through. So I admit that I don't have a long list to compare.

        Was not impressed when comparing the 2. Your eyes may vary. So look at them on your own. And decide the same way. You'll be lots happier.


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          I usually run Leupold VX-IIs on all my rifles. But I found a smoking deal on a Nikon Buckmaster to put on one of my rifles. Its waterproof and holds a zero and has one moose under its belt. But I've only had it a year so give me some more time to test if it will leak in heavy rain, lose a zero when dropped on a mountainside :eek: , and able to get more game with it.

          Honestly in a side by side comparision I could difference between my VX-IIs and the Buckmaster and various different lighting situations. IMO its a great scope for the money as is the VX-II. I will say the VX-II is a little lighter and more compact. Both are solid scopes though.

          Good luck


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            I have owned a few Nikon scopes- Monarchs,Buckmasters and most recently a Pro Staff. They are good scopes,not great, but will definitely get the job done. Everyone's eyes see differently so the whole clarity and brightness thing go out the window for me. Heck, I see differently through the same scope when I'm wearing my glasses compared to my contacts.

            The deciding factor for me has always been durability and service. Leupold's are rock solid and their customer service is second to none. I have never had one fail on me, but I have sent some in to get "checked out" and they always come back better then before. I dont know what's up Nikon's durability but there seems to be an awful lot of Re-Furbished ones for sale. For me thats the deal breaker. I still have a few, I just use them on my plinkers and truck guns. On my dedicated no BS hutning rifles, I trust the Golden Ring.
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              I sent a freind north to Ambler with a buckmaster for moose, caribou, and bear. She thrashed my poor rifle all over the countryside with her father and never had an issue with that scope. It was a fixed 4x scope......when they were all done with the hunting trip everyone took turns target shooting that 308 until about 4 boxes of 180gr. 308 were gone without one issue from that scope. I'm personally a Burris guy.......but I'll leave my bias for Burris for another day.


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                I have a Nikon Monarch 3X9 40 on my Rem 700 in .06. I bought this scope back when I worked at a sporting goods store. I compared it with the Leupold Vari X ll and this was brighter and about $100 less cost. I also use Leupold rings and bases.

                I have had this scope and never had ANY problems with it. Ill buy another Nikon in a heartbeat, and as a matter of fact I'm looking to put this 3X9 on my 10/22 and get a 6X18 for the 700.
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                  i recently bought a used .300 WM and was also considering the nikon buckmaster scope for it...i made some comparisons and settled on a leupold VX-II. off ebay i bought a new silver VX-II still sealed in the box for $236 shipped to i recommend you check ebay for whichever you decide to buy.

                  best of luck!


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                    The Buckmasters are decent scopes. I've had a fixed 4X for years that has seen its share of abuse. For around the same money though, you could get a Cabela's Alaskan Guide Premium, which is a far better scope. The Alaskan Guide Premium scopes are far and away better than the standard AG scopes and are as good as scopes costing 2-3X's as much.



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                      Got one a 4.5-14x40mm BDC on my 300Wby custom right now and plan on keeping it there. Shot a buck with it last year and for the money very hard to beat.
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                        You will not be disappointed in a Nikon Buckmaster or Monarch scope, well worth the money and then some. I bought one for my son's .22/250 and love it, and if it can handle how a 12 year old, it can handle any rifle. Very clear optics, can't wait to buy one for my .300WM or .30/06!
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                          Originally posted by chillytater View Post
                          im lookin at buying a new nikon buckmaster 3-9x 40

                          any one ever use one and what are your thoughts about it
                          I'm been using one on my 7 Mag. for several years, and it's a dandy.

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                            thanks a lot on all the input. so this is the deal i did some odd jobs for my boss and he his goin to give this scope honeslty im a leupy and a remington fan and well this winchester is not pretty i only paid 200 for the model 70 in 300 wsm with a barska scope already on it and i was lookin to go the inexpensive route and was wanting to know if the scope was worth it or if i would be better to take 100 bucks cash but after all these awsome replys im gonna take the scope ill let you all know how it turns out


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