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  • Feedback on CZ's please...

    Greetings all,
    One of my projects this winter is to build a rifle for my adult son. We both like the idea of a .338-06. This weekend I bought a new CZ 550 American with a set trigger in .30-06. I couldn't pass it up. The price was good/excellent and the wood on it is really beautiful for an off the rack rifle. Before I start spending money to rebarrel and work up this rifle, I thought it may be wise to ask you guys to share your experiences with CZ actions, triggers, etc. What do you think?
    Thanks in advance for the input,

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    I own 2 CZ 550's in 30-06 and 1 in 9.3X62. A little rough but what do you expect for the price.


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      And heavy. I handled one chambered in 375 H&H and wasn't impressed at all. Action was rough as well. I hope your son has big hands.


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        CZ quality

        I think that CZ quality, especially for the price, is excellent. The action after a couple hundred rounds will certainly smooth out or a little work with lapping compound will do the trick. These are actually BRNO actions, high quality. The in-house barrels are normally quite accurate, The 550 American model comes with steel rings but I plan on having vince Bauldaf put open sights on mine as well. I got mine in 9.3X62 which should be a good all around chambering for here in AK. I'm not one to cring at carrying an 8 pound rifle on the trail. Mine has an extra recoil lug a short ways ahead of the action and 2 crossbolts in the stock. Sounds like it's made to take abuse.
        I believe they're a great gun for the money.


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          The 375s are substantially bigger than the 30-06 size guns. And a lot heavier.

          I have had a couple and both were good for their price range. One being a 30-06 with the Mannlicher style stock and the Bavarian drop on the butt. That stock was better for sights. But the rear barrel sight is a plain Jane Willaims type barrel sight. And it would not adjust fully for 100 yards with 180 grain factory loads. No even close.

          The 375 had express sights and oddly enough they were right on...

          A rear peep would have been much better for the Bavarian drop style stocks.

          Both my actions on mine were very slick... But I have played with others that had some rough spots.

          The 375s, 416s ect have a metal follower, The 30-06 size guns have plastic followers. At least mine do.

          I had a problem with one of them bleeding bluing salts out of the barrel at the receiver threads. It did it for a long time no matter how much oil or solvent I soaked it in..

          I also noted that the wood appears to be kinda soft. It sure looks nice but it ends up with dings just from passing into the back of the plane.

          On the 30-06 the set trigger was super sensitive. I tried adjusting it but it would not change... The other rifle responded as per the instructions.

          The sling swivels on the Mannlicher style 30-06 were fairly weak.
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            Mauserman, Floatpilot, Matt and Allen,
            Thanks for your feedback on the CZ's. I appreciate your comments.


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