375 h&h + barnes= wow!!!




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  • 375 h&h + barnes= wow!!!

    Always shot the 260 accubonds but thought they opened up too much this past fall so I did some load development with the 270 gain Barnes TSX's and all I can say is WOW!!!! These are the most accurate shooting bullets I have put through the old H&H.

    My final load I settled on was 76.5 of RL 15 pushing the bullet to an average of 2812 FPS. I shot 3 different 5 shot groups in less than 3/4" at 100 yards. 3 shots all stayed in an 1" at 200. Plenty good for HOT 375 H&H LOADS!!!(Good for ANY 375 LOADS!!)

    Lastly I took 3 milk jugs and placed them at 300, 325, and 350 (my limit shooting distance with the .375) and went 3 for 3. The 350 shot, I held approx.4-6" over the jug and it struck almost in the middle.

    Talk about a great new load...can't wait till April 15th and to see if we can try this new load out on an Idaho Spring Blackie.
    375 Ruger Hawkeye...Mice to Moose, Impala to Buffalo....1 GUN.....WORLDS PURSUIT

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    You bet it's a great load for a great old caliber. My load is very similar to yours, 270grTSX pushed by 76grns of RL-15. It is very accurate out of my rifle as well, and I've shot several grizzlies and quite a few moose with it...very effective.


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      What model rifle are you shooting?


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        custom CZ....See the thread right below this one.
        375 Ruger Hawkeye...Mice to Moose, Impala to Buffalo....1 GUN.....WORLDS PURSUIT


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          O.K., That Did It! I am going to give this a try.

          I shoot a Remington SS model 700 .375 H & H, with the factory synthetic stock. I have owned it for about ten years, and during a long and bruising load development period, I finally found a load that was accurate, and matched up with factory load velocity. That was 9 years ago, and lately I have been tempted to try the TSX bullets, but haven't gotten around to it. I know a store that has a fair deal on the TSX 270's, so I am going over there tomorrow, and then I will load some up and see if I can get it to shoot them like yours is doing. Thanks for sharing the load data.
          Best Regards,


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            You and I mus thave the same 375

            Same load...Same groups!


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