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  • .375 H&H...for Abe Henderson


    Here is a couple pics of my .375H&H...To date it is 9 for 9 with 11 shots fired....(The cape buffalo and the eland each took two shots)

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    375 Ruger Hawkeye...Mice to Moose, Impala to Buffalo....1 GUN.....WORLDS PURSUIT

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    little info about that beauty,welcome...because i am looking around to find one in 375hh..tnx


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      CZ 550 action with bolt handle straightened and filled in. 24" #4 shilen barrel.NECG banded front and Masterpiece rear sight regulated for 100 yards. Gentry Barrel band. Burris steel rings in medium with 1.5-5X20 burris fullfield (It use to wear a 1.5-6X schmidt bender, but I have put that on a 416 Im building.) Stock is tigerwood laminate with ebony forend and tip and a limbsaver pad. Stock if full length glass bedded and trigger is tuned to 3 pounds with no creep. Gun weighs 9.5 pounds. It is the only gun I hunt with anymore every since I got on this 1 gun hunt the world kick....

      Only thing I would change if I could would be a matte finish. And honestly I don't need the 5+1 capability but hey, Im not complaining.
      375 Ruger Hawkeye...Mice to Moose, Impala to Buffalo....1 GUN.....WORLDS PURSUIT


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        Show off...

        Just kidding thats a nice looking rifle you got there.


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          Very nice, thanks for the pics! Have you ever had to remove the scope and use the irons? And nice shooting with those barnes!

          I'd love to pick up a Kimber, but that Talkeetna is a bit ridiculous in price for what it is, plus I've got a thing for wood stocks.

          If I were to go custom (permit me to dream a bit) I think I'd go Win 70 pre-64 .375 HH coated with one of the weather proof finishes, stainless 22" or 24" barrel with irons, custom walnut stock with nice figure but nothing I'd be afraid to take hunting, palm swell, shadow line cheekpiece, wrap around checkering, maybe a ebony tip, free floated, either glass or pillar bedded, limbsaver pad (though I think the decelerators look much classier), quick detach rings and a nice scope like a Zeiss or (gasp) S&B. Its all still a bit fuzzy on some of the details, but the overall idea is a classy dependable rifle with a beautiful stock, but weatherproof and tough enough to haul north to south, continent to continent and handle just about anything that moves.



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