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  • New Hawkeye 338, Range Results

    Ok, I've posted on a few different threads about this rifle, but finally got out today to shoot and thought I'd post some thoughts on it. This is a Ruger M77 Hawkeye All Weather in .338 wm topped with Ruger rings and a Leupold VX3 1.5-5x20 and capped with a Limbsaver one inch recoil pad. At sixty-seven dollars a box, I only took one box of shells to the range to sight it in: Federal Premium 225 gr Barnes TSX.

    I originally took this rifle to the gunsmith to have the scope mounted and boresighted until I saw a link on this forum of a how-to-mount-a-scope-on-a-hawkeye video. It looked super easy so I went back to the gunsmith and since there was a long line of work in front of mine, I took it back and mounted the scope that evening, no problem.

    My initial reaction today was that the recoil was very manageable. The only thing I've shot before this was a .25-06 and a 12 ga and I was a little aprehensive about shooting this gun. In fact I was surprised at how easily it was to shoot and now I almost wish I'd have bought a .375 HH.

    I sighted this in, then shot two three shot groups. The first was 1 1/4" center to center with two holes touching, the second was 1 3/8". So nothing to brag about but enough to get the job done, especially as a backup gun which is what this gun is for. I am curious how this rifle would shoot the 210 gr and 250 bullets.

    The 26" barrel is going to be a bit long for the thick stuff and after this season I might have it cut and recrowned at 22". Also I'd like to replace the plastic stock with a walnut stock from Accurate Innovations or possibly Serrengeti. Overall I like this rifle just fine, especially after taking Pinehavenredrockets advice and slicking up the action and the safety with JB paste, which worked great. Also, the trigger isn't bad, but on the range I really tuned in to it and it could definitely use a bit of work, take out the creep and lighten it up a bit. Overall its a nice rifle and I got everything mentioned for under a thousand dollars, so a great value as well. Cheers


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    Just curios about the paste you mentioned and what it does.

    I must have missed that discussion.



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      338 Ruger Short Mag

      Is that the Short Mag?

      As far as comparisson is concerned.....338 vs 375....We love comparissons on this board.

      The powder capacity is likely very similar and I think your right.....the 375 would be a good option without much of a difference in percieved recoil.

      You know you'll sacrifice performance by cutting that barrel down, don't you? Which may not be a problem if you handload and can work up a good round for that particular length. Your kinda risking having those decent shooting $69 boxes of ammo become plinking rounds.

      If your comming to Alaska........Don't get rid of that synthetic stock!

      My .02


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        Your results are fine, especially considering that you're looking down range at only 5 power. Cutting off a few inches isn't going to be the end of the world.

        As far as .375 H&H goes, they kick a heck of a lot more than that .338WM and a box of ammo at the range wouldn't be a pleasant session.

        I load for my brothers .338WM with 250gr Nosler partitions @ 2660fps, it's quite a nice shooter with that combination. He has taken Browns, Blacks, Goats, Sheep, Caribou and Moose with that set up. It's his only rifle and it works well.


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          Cut that barrel down...

          you'll be very happy how it handles. I have a 338 that had a 24" barrel I cut down to 19.5", handles pretty awesome. I lost about 200 f.p.s with that much barrel loss. I still get 2500 f.p.s. with my 250 gr roundnose load. Good luck and enjoy
          LIVE TO HUNT....HUNT TO LIVE!!!!


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            Yeah, I know I'll lose performance when chopping some barrel off, but I'm packing this year and working on an assistant guide license so this is initially a backup rifle. I can't imagine worrying too much about ballistics when packing 150 lbs of moose on my back and hauling this thing around. The lose of weight and ease of handling sure is tempting. I know thats a bit short-sighted thinking since this is a great all around gun, but I'm not planning on making any changes until after this season of packing and gaining some experience.

            As for the stock, I know, I know, but I really like that a sin? Maybe I'll just make this one my workhorse and save for a nice, semi-custom .375 HH with a purtty wood stock that I can baby a little bit.

            As for the scope, I don't think I'll have a problem killing big game out to 200-250 yards on five power, but trying to shoot tight groups is a bit of a challenge at 100.

            I'm gonna pick up a box of the Federal 250 gr partitions and give them a go next time out.



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              Originally posted by abe henderson View Post
              I'm gonna pick up a box of the Federal 250 gr partitions and give them a go next time out.

              I'm pretty sure you'll like them. Those are the rounds that I duplicated for my brother. The 250's can be loaded a bit hotter but his scope has dials set up for the 250gr Partition BC and 2660fps. All he has to do is dial in the yardage and pull the trigger, way to easy.


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