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  • New Marlin 45-70

    What do you guys think of the new Marlin lever gun compared to the guide gun? I'm thinking the laminated stock would provide some benefit in weather resistance over the standard wood stock, but the gun is defiantly not as pretty. Being able to mount the scope farther forward is probably a good thing in the 45-70.

    Never shot anything with a big loop so not sure it helps or hurts.

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    I have a Marlin 45-70 with the laminated stock, but in with a 16 1/4" barrel. So I am biased, but I like the stock. As far as better weather resistance I doubt it would be all that much different.

    The scope being able to be mounted further forward, well I don't know if you have ever shot a 45-70 with your factory 300-350 grain rounds, but it really doesn't kick that bad at all. Personally, I am probably never going to throw a scope on this gun. If I am planning on hunting far enough out that my sights will not be adquate for hitting my target then chances are that the 45-70 round would not be the gun I would bring along in the first place.


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      I am getting one... I have had my eye on it for a few weeks now. Seems like Marlin clued in on the trend toward customized lever guide guns and added most of the common customizations being made out there... and is offering them for a whole lot less money.


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        Hey cool!:cool:

        A Marlin with all the features from the factory that people usually modify their guns with.

        Never shot anything with a big loop so not sure it helps or hurts.
        Having shot a few rounds of 420 and 540 grain Garretts through a M-1895, the larger loop will give your fingers a little more room from getting dinged under recoil and it allows you plenty of room while wearing gloves.
        Now what ?


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          I regularly fire 405 SP projectiles loaded pretty hotcsometimes for kicks I will go with the heavy boys to see what they will do. My scope is not mounted forward and I have never had an issue. The recoil is not bad in comparison, I would not be too concerned as long as you seat it well in your shoulder.
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            I already have a guide gun in 450 so I'm not shopping but I do like the new offering.
            I do have a problem with banging my knuckles with the standard lever & heavy loads so I have a DRC oversize lever on the way (smaller than the WW but bigger than stock). Not sure if it's a problem with the pistol grip stock (mine's straight) but the larger lever is probably a good addition. Ths scope mount that comes with it allows you to mount a regular scope OR a scout scope (forward mount). Personaly I intend to install a scout scope mount on my guide gun not because of recoil, but because I think they are a little quicker in aqusition, & because I can leave my XS ghost ring sights on & switch back & forth with QR rings.
            I know I'm "old school" but I'm into blue & walnut so from a looks standpoint I'll take my 450, but I understand the practicality of SS & laminite.
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              Mine's a stainless walnut strait stock...

              And I love it. Will probably bang my knuckles now with the standard lever, thanks guys I mounted a Leopold 1-4 power scope on it on the receiver, never had a problem, and even with the fireglow sights I put on it, with my close vision blurred without reading glasses, the scope is necessary for me. I shoot Hornady Lever-evolution in 325 gr, a pretty hot load, and it has a solid, nice recoil, but a little noisy with the 16.5" barrel.

              The only thing I wish it had was the take down like the Browning lever action, then it would fit in the action packer with other gear and not be an extra piece of luggage if I fly with it. The straight, hand checkered walnut stock is a beautiful thing, and looks great with the stainless rest of the gun. Well, mostly stainless, they all seem to have some small blued steel parts you have to be careful of.


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                short barrel....

                I would like it better if it had a 20" barrel and forget the scope.


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                  It's about time....

                  I have modified many Marlins to just that configuration with the WWG lever (and ejector), Wolfe springs and the XS (Ashley Outdoors) scout mount and ghost ring sights.

                  The forward mount of the scope is for the intermediate eye relief (9")scout scope and not so much to bring the scope forward to keep blood off the rifle. This would of course, give that full rail to provide the option of an extra notch forward for longer eye relief scopes for that occasion when we get too far up the stock.

                  I very much prefer the big loop lever over the factory square lever which seems to ding my knuckles with any thing over 400 grains at 1600 fps. The shooting comfort of it alone is worth the price. It also allows a gloved hand to work the lever quickly.

                  I think laminated stocks are ugly and the grey are even more ugly but cannot deny the functionality of it. Along with the stainless it gives a certain piece of mind when in the field. One less thing to worry about.

                  That is a great rifle package but I too would prefer the 20" barrel but like so many new rifle packages that come out I wasn't consulted again.
                  With a conventional scope mount of a 1-4x20, a fixed 2.5x20 or the 2X scout in good detachable rings will make a very good woods and tundra, rough and tumble rifle.
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                    Not to hijack the thread, but I love the grey laminate on these stainless guns. I like the walnut too. Guess that's why the manufacturers ship so many variants - lots of varied taste in the shooter's world.

                    For those who haven't gone to large lever loops (I have on two of my 45-70s), try getting a long, fairly narrow and thin leather lace. Wrap it around the lever (outer and aft sections only, to allow the lever to close fully). I used some double-sided cellophane tape to hold it - time will tell if it holds up. I had a small overlap between layers. This doesn't take a ton of room, but cushions the impact of the lever on fingers a bit. Won't allow your gloved hands in, but it can help with the "bites."

                    You can find pictures of this and many other mods on some of the lever-action sites online.



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                      Good idea Mort!


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