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Why we buy Savages........

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  • Why we buy Savages........

    Couple of months ago I bought a SS lefty bolt action Savage .223 with the cheap ass black tupperware stock and fairly light barrel. First trip to the range revealed it wouldnt feed or shoot the FMJ factory ammo I had on hand. Since the rifle was new I didnt want to piss with it so I sent it back to Savage to have the feeding issues corrected. In about a month the rifle was returned to me and now it feeds very nice. Mounted a Pentax 4x14 scope on it that I picked up new for a song.
    Loaded up 25 grains of Varget behind some 52 grain Berger bullets and hit the range. Four three shot groups averaged about 1 inch. Not as good as I like but I do not consider myself a very good bench rest shooter either. This morning I decided to up the charge to 26 grains and hit the range again. It was slightly windy with gusts to 15 mph on occassion. I planted the rifle on the rest and shot four different three shot groups never taking the wind into consideration. The smallest group was a fricking 1/4 of an inch! The largest was .60.
    These rifles are ugly, the stocks are ugly, but they are cheap and man oh man do they ever shoot!
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    I have a savage 300 win mag and I love it. The only mistake that I made was not getting it in stainless steel because after one season of hunting for a week in rain the rifle has rust pits all over the barrel. :mad: But like you said savage rifles aren't the prettiest but the can shoot with the best of them.


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      where'd ya get the lefty .223?

      Grew up shooting my grandpa's lever-action 300 Savage. Would be interested in picking up one of those lefty .223's you mentioned.


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        Ordered it from Boondocks.


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          It's not a centerfire but I'm going to buy a Savage Cub(youth), I'll use it to teach my 3 boy's how to shoot, hope it's a shooter.


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            Savage 110 long action .223

            I have had a couple Savage 110 rifles and currently have one in .223 that is a tack driver out of the box, it is so good that I dare not even put it to bed. A lot of competition shooters are trueing up the actions on Savages and the barrels are easy to headspace if you get the wrench. I have not owned a Savage with the new adjustable trigger system, but from what I have read and heard, they are top notch. …Big


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              Who wants to leave a $2000 rifle behind the truck seat all winter?

              A couple of years ago I bought a Savage model 14 with an accu-trigger in 22-250. The purpose was as stated, to have a cheap working grade rifle that I could leave in the truck without worrying about it. I stuck a weaver K6 with fine crosshairs on it and zeroed it in with much the same results as most get with Savages. USA factory 45 grain hollow points do about 3/4 of an inch. Those little 45 grainers will go off in a coyote like little gernades.

              I sent 15 coyotes to song dog heaven with it this winter. They died just like they were shot with the one of the finest rifles that money can buy and for the money they probably were!


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                I really like the mentality here......promoting a rifle that is in the "blue collar/working class man's world". The funny thing about Savage.....they've always made their own barrels! And they've always made their barrels accurate too. Ruger have had issues in the past with inaccurate barrels, but never Savage. Another reason besides accuracy that hasn't been mentioned here is to have a true honest to goodness switch barrel rifle. You can buy a wrench and a barrel of the same cartridge family and screw it on. Here is an example: Oh look at me.....I'm so cool......I have a 270 Winchester. Then BAM! Oh look at me......I'm so I converted it to a .35 Whelen for 200 dollars.


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                  Why do we buy Savage???? Because they shoot!!!! :cool:
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                    Savage 110 pre only complaint was the trigger as well...for the price, with a scope mount, way less than wally worlds $360 they were asking for...

                    Woodstocks aren't ugly...& blued barrells can be waxed to prevent rusting...

                    Here's a pic of my beaut with a Leupold Vari X II 3-9x40...


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                      Originally posted by gogoalie View Post
                      Savage 110 pre only complaint was the trigger as well...for the price, with a scope mount, way less than wally worlds $360 they were asking for...

                      Woodstocks aren't ugly...& blued barrells can be waxed to prevent rusting...

                      Here's a pic of my beaut with a Leupold Vari X II 3-9x40...
                      I love the accutrigger. I bought a 93r17 for the wife to play with. The thing is accurate as hell, although kind of ugly. Shoots .5" groups all day at 100 yards. It can probably do better but thats about as good as i shoot lol.

                      A new stock is in its future though. Maybe some duracoat for the action and barrel..dont know yet.

                      Regardless, great rifles for the money


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                        I bought my first Savage varmint rifle in 22-250 back in 1990 I believe. It was one of the ones that was built on the long action 110 action. Crappy plastic stock and a bull barrel. The stupid thing drops the empty brass before it ejects it and no gunsmith in town came up with a solution. It shot so good I was scared to send it back to Savage and just learned to live with the problem. Makes it easy to collect fired brass, though...but slow to chamber another round..LOL..

                        Anyhow, the first trip to the range was with a buddy of mine and his brand spankin' new 40X Remington custom shop 22-250. That Savage sent it's first group down range with 5 shots you could cover with a dime at 100 yards. I was STUNNED. The 40X..well you could just say my buddy had some serious buyers remorse.

                        I bought that rifle, complete with a 10X Burris target dot scope, for $400 brand new. It still shoots just as good every time I take it out.
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                          Oh man..I haven't been to Savage's site in a while. They've got a new aluminum bedded stock out. There might be a .338WinMag Savage in my future
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                            savage is the one leave at camp... toss in the truck and the only one with iron sights on it.. i have an old 110 in 338 and is dead on zero. and not a spot of rust on the blued barrel..

                            grew up with a Savage 20 GA

                            and have one of those lever action 300 savage with the rolling block action... mentioned below. Might even part with it ...... for another...:rolleyes:
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                              know nothin from nothin

                              About Savages. So you guys say they are accurate, but how good are the actions? Any issues? As tough as a Ruger? Mauser? What are they built like?
                              It sounds like there are 2 different factory triggers, the older being non-adjustable, and a newer adjustable style. Can the old one be cleaned up to be crisp? I think every Ruger I have has been polished a bit.
                              Would be interesting to hear what you guys have to say about these rifles.


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