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Moving to Alaska with my guns

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  • Moving to Alaska with my guns

    I have the good luck to likely move to the Anchorage area soon. I have a "few" guns...

    What has been your experience moving your guns to AK? I'm worried about theft in transit. And some moving companies don't want to move anything of value, ie, guns, tools, etc. A buddy of mine said he wrapped his rifles in towels and locked them in his gun safe which they moved. Anyone made the move in the last few years? How did you handle it?


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    Well mine was a Military move and I could not ship any of my guns with my household goods. I ended up leaving my guns with my brother and buying more here. When I leave I will ship them through a FFL to a FFL.
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      You can ship them with a licensed firearms dealer or if you drive thru canada you have to pay 50.00 each. We packed ours in the middle of all our belongings and never worried about them being stolen.


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        Shipping Guns

        You can ship your rifles from yourself to youself legally anywhere in the US without an FFl, assuming local law doesnt supercede this.

        From the FAQ's on the ATF Page:

        (B9) May a nonlicensee ship firearms interstate for his or her use in hunting or other lawful activity? [Back]
        Yes. A person may ship a firearm to himself or herself in care of another person in the State where he or she intends to hunt or engage in any other lawful activity. The package should be addressed to the owner. Persons other than the owner should not open the package and take possession of the firearm.


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          Shipping Guns

          Forgot to add that I just moved up here a few months ago. I had a moving company load and ship all my firearms including rifles and handguns. They would not transport any expolosive material including ammo, powder, primers Etc...It cant be flown and they only let so much of that stuff on each ship. Good luck.



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            Originally posted by GD Yankee View Post
            Anyone made the move in the last few years? How did you handle it?

            How do we handle it?
            We annex British Columbia and Yukon ... that's how
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              If you are driving you can bring them rifles and shotguns.
              The barrels have to be 18 inches and overall I belive 33 or 39 inches check with canadian customs.
              In december I brought 3 longuns you have to stop at us customs and give them the make model and serial number and they will fill out a form yo give canadian customs.
              They will sell you a permit 50 bucks canadian and you can put up to 16 guns on one permit. (NO PISTOLS) and some autos are illegal in canada just check with canadian customs there is usually no problem they like you to have a trigger lock on them.


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                Easy Answer

                i simply had all my "long guns" (excluding handguns, i shipped those via FFL) available for inspection at the Canadian border, declared them, filled out the paperwork (took about 1 hour for the entire process), paid the required fee, and drove thru canada to AK. not a single problem (except for a blown tire on the uhaul trailer ). the good part of this method is the paperwork i completed at the border as well as the fees i paid, can be reused again and again, so if i move back to the L48 someday, i will have less paperwork to contend with.


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                  Thanks for all the input, guys! I would love to drive through Canada, but the wifely unit doesn't have the long haul butt for it!


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                    Originally posted by GD Yankee View Post
                    Thanks for all the input, guys! I would love to drive through Canada, but the wifely unit doesn't have the long haul butt for it!

                    she (and you) are going to miss some of the most beautiful sights in canada. the canadian rockies are awesome. I cant wait to make the drive again... this time its spring time, better for me.
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                      Yup, the Rockies in BC in the spring must be the most beautiful place on the planet! Very well worth the tired backside.
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                        I just drove up 3 weeks ago, so if you decide to drive them up PM me and I'll let you know what's up.



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                          whar about class three items in the truck with all the paperwork..
                          i plan on takeing the ferry up to anchorage and driveing down to the area that i live in..
                          i have three class three items for rifle and pistol unit..-x-1-rifle silencer
                          -x-1-pistol silencer and one shoulder stock items for my pistol as need
                          i plan on packing them in a hardshell weapon case with the weapons and locking them in the case and sealing the case with duct tape for travel in truck as need along with my cloths as need for travel


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                            Well, the ferry doesn't go to Anchorage. Closest place a ferry pulls into to Whittier. you need to check the routes and schedules for the ferry. Here's the link:

                            The best people to assk about the weapons is the troopers, here's their link:


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                              Moving Company must inventory and sign

                              I moved guns up here via a moving company. The moving company had to send out a supervisor to inventory each gun by serial number and sign for them. When they arrived, a supervisor came out and opened the crate, brought the guns in and sat down with me to inventory each one and I had to sign for them. Of course, anyone could have opened the crate during shipping and stolen the guns, but the company would have had to pay for them. If you have valuable guns, get them appraised and insured and make the moving company recognize the value on some form so they can be held responsible. The last time I moved up I brought all my guns in my safe, loaded in the back of my pick-up. You have to pay a fee at the Canadian boarder, in canadian currency and if you want to bring handguns you have to get prior approval from the Canadian government. You can find out that info from the customs office or online.

                              Welcome to AK when you get here.
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