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Need Help Sako Scope Rings and Bases

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  • Need Help Sako Scope Rings and Bases

    I have put Leupold scope rings/mounts on both my Sako 338WM and Sako 375 H&H. Both rifles broke the rear screw that clamps them onto the receiver.

    So I am wondering should I get Optilock scope rings and bases or maybe something like Talley?

    I guess the rifles recoil is too much for the Leupold stuff.

    I appreciate anyone's help. Thanks in advance


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    Sako Scope Rings

    I have never had a problem with Sako rings/bases on my .338, you might take a look at them.


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      sako mounts

      I would switch to the optilocks, 3 out of 4 of my sakos where them. They are rock solid and have the "pin" to take advantage of the recoil stop on the back of the reciever. Order the low rings unless you have a huge scope.


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        Leupold rings for Sako...


        I've never had a screw break on a Leupold ring mount for a Sako. Now I have broken the windage screws for the standard Leupold bases, but this was just too much torque trying to keep them from coming loose. (didn't work)

        The Sako ringmounts don't have to be very tight. The tapered dovetail of the receivers allow the recoil to jam the scope and rings slightly forward and that locks them in place. If the front ring isn't positioned to where it takes a good bite of the dovetail (too far back), the rear ring will take all the force and I can see where that can break a screw. I mount each ring individually and make sure they both take hold of all the dovetail. This may require moving the front ring forward of back edge of the front of the receiver to get the best grip.

        I have used these rings on up to the 375 H&H and had no failures but they don't look very substantial. I prefer something stronger for the 338's and up. The Warne old styles were great. The new style are a strong mount but ugly and heavier than needed.

        Honestly, the slickest looking and cheapest are the Burris drive on DD bases, then the Leupold dual dove tail rings. Absolutely rock solid and work the way Sako designed them to work. No screws in the base. There is a set screw that goes in the bases but it isn't needed if you don't have a muzzle brake. Of course Burris dual dovetail rings work too I just like the Leupold rings better. Leupold doesn't make drive on bases for Sakos. This set up cost forty bucks the optilocks are more than twice that and are heavier.

        How do you like that new 375?
        Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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          Thanks Murp, I ordered some Warne rings. Hopefully this will hold me.

          I love the Hunter 75 375H&H. It has become my preferred rifle.

          The action on it seems so smooth, like it was worked but it has not.

          Thanks again.


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            Sako Rings

            You need Sako rings ........i do think I have a pair maybe two........they heavy duty made by Sako......


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              Yes I do. Please email me as soon as you can at



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