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  • marlin 45-70?

    I was wondering if anyone makes quick detach scope mounts with a rear peep sight?

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    X-S sights makes a rail to mount a scout scope and you are able to keep your peep in place & leupold makes quick disconect rings in the($80-$90)range . I just ordered a rail for my guide gun off ebay for $9 that will let you keep the peep
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      This is XS website
      That will take you to the scope mount page. I intend to get the "lever scout mount" for my Guide gun.
      This page
      is their sights. I have the ghost ring set (front & rear) with the protective rings on the rear sight & really like them.
      I think it's about the ultimate combo.
      They also make a full length rail that will work with any scope, scout or otherwise & & comes with a rear sight, but not the one with the protective rings. I want the wings. Just too much sight sticking up there to whack with something without the protection.
      Besides, they look cooler ;-)
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        Yes, Brockman rifles:


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          Yes, Jim Brockman in Gooding, Idaho makes a peep rear sight that allows for a rail mount upon which a scope can be mounted. Brockman engineers and manufactures his own stuff - he makes top of the line sights.

          Personally, I am not a big fan of the peep sight/scope combo for the Marlin in 45-70. Too much going on on top of the rifle for my taste. But, I'm sure some would strenuously disagree.

          I would recommend you go with one sight or the other. Given the range/trajectory of the 45-70, a Leupold 1.5 scope would be my choice IF I were to scope it. Small size and quite "handy".

          On my 1895, 45-70 I selected a set of Generation III Brockman ghost ring sights - infinitely adjustable rear sight with protective wings and the front tritium ramp. I use the gun for protection while hiking to and from coastal rivers and streams. Sighting is FAST!! And, there is nothing wrong about hunting with these sights either. These sights aren't cheap - they will set you back close to $250 as I recall.

          On the other hand, if I used the rifle mainly for hunting I would probably go with the 1.5 power Leupold or other good quality optic. I like the ample magnification of the 1.5 power because of its size of field. If you ever do find that you need to throw the rifle to your shoulder in a hurry you stand a better chance of not becoming a "Happy Meal" before you locate your target.

          Just my opinion based on my experience with the rifle.


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