thinkin' about taking the Savage Moose hunting...



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  • thinkin' about taking the Savage Moose hunting...

    Yes, I have a BIG gun for my moose hunting.

    I was just thinking of the "romance" of the Ol' 99 up in Moose camp.

    It seems that I shouldn't push the pressures too hard... although I have made up loads that will just squeek past the factory loads for the 308 Win.
    The rifle is a special one, so my goal isn't to load it to the "hilt." I am thinking about what bullet to use. We'll be calling this time, but the last bull I shot was standing about 300 yards away, so... I need performance from muzzle to 300 yards.

    What bullet has proven itself at 300 sav. velocities for the Moose ?
    I've thought of the various 165's, (swift,nosler,barnes) as they seem to be the best compromise for trajectory and momentum.

    Thanks, Scott

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    I just noticed that I left out the specifics. The 99 Savage is chambered in 300 Savage. Just thought I'd avoid the "assumptions."

    Thanks again, Scott


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      300 savage

      The 300 savage will have NO problems with a moose. IF I were going to load for the venerable old 300, I would choose a 165 gr Remington Core-Lokt. The velocity of the 300 will allow for good expansion of the Core-lokt without the problems inherent in "high velocity" rifles. The core-lokt may self destruct at 3000 fps and close ranges but at 2500 or so it will work excellent. The Core-Lokt also tends to be very accurate especially for the first 200 yds; plus it's pretty inexpensive.
      The more modern bullets (TSX, NP,AB, Swift,TBBC) tend to be for higher velocity rifles and that's where the get their expansion.


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        I'm with brav01 on this. The rem corelokt is an excellent bullet up to say 2800fps and still expands nicely down to about 1600fps. A lot of the fancy bullets don't expand well a low velocity and should be left to the whiz bang magnums. Also, moose aren't that hard to kill. A lung shot and wait just a bit and down they go. For faster results, put one through the front shoulders and down they go. Messes up a little meat, but fast results. A 165gr should be about right for the 300Sav. You just don't need the latest whiz bang mag. The 300Sav has worked fine for a long time and moose haven't changed much either. I hunt with an old 30Super (300H&H) and am quite happy with it.


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