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    I am a student at UAA as well as an avid outdoorsman. I am taking a technical writing class which requires me to write several feasability/recommendation reports that are very formal and detailed. For my semester project I had the choice of choosing between the topics of "Is a local area network feasible for Carrs?" or " What is a workable management plan for the moose population in Anchorage?" Guess which one I picked.
    My primary proposal for dealing with the increasing moose numbers in our area is to expand the Chugach hunt and implement an all out open season on moose in the general area for the extent of the regular September duration. I have begun researching this topic online and mainly through the adf&g website. The sources seem to be very limited with the exception of a few tentative proposals and how other communities have dealt with this issue. I was hoping that through the forum I could obtain some great ideas from the individuals who know this issue the best. So if you are interested, let me know what you think. What problems do you forsee with the over abundance of moose in our community good or bad? Anything from increased bear activity to vehicle collisions. What solutions would you propose to aid the problem or do you think there is a problem at all? Are we doing enough to address this issue? Any Ideas are fair game and any comments will be greatly appreciated. I am willing to formally cite any information divulged and provide you with a copy of the report at your request.
    Thank you all

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