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  • I need advice.

    I just bought a new Marlin 1895 45-70, now i need to know in what ways can modify it to be a better and more accurate rifle.I want to keep it with iron sights so no scope.Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    open sights

    I think a good aperture sights are the way to go. Ghost rings are the rage, but a Williams reciever sight with the factory aperture removed would get the job done well. I've had a set on my Marlin 336 for over 20 years and they are great. I removed the factory aperture and effectively have had the "Ghost ring" long before the ghost ring was coined. The large aperture is fast and accurate. If you try it I doubt you will be disappointed.........

    Let us know what and how you do.....

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      Large Loop Lever

      I had some work done by Wild West Guns on my Guide Gun. There are probably lots of other smiths who could do similar work.

      Things I would heartily recommend are improved sights and a large loop lever. The sights will certainly make it easier to shoot more accurately. The lever won't make it more accurate, but it sure is more pleasant to shoot without getting your hand beat up. A good Decelerator butt pad will help when shooting hot loads, too.


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        Marlin Improvement

        Just 2 things come to mind. I would go with the Sims Limbsaver pad. I have used both it and the Decelerator pad and find the Limbsaver to decrease more felt recoil. The other is to find a smith (I wish I had a name to give you) who does action smoothing jobs on the Marlin. I have shot several that have had action smoothing jobs done and the difference is amazing. Check with Jim West at Wild West Guns for one possibility.


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