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How do you practice your shooting?

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    my hind legs....

    Once I have satisfied my curiosity off the bench I shoot from "field positions". Mostly standing up, off hand, then kneeling and sitting, a few from the prone. I like to do the standing out to 300 yards. Once I have decided to shoot I try to press the trigger in under 4 seconds. All of this serves to keep me humble and remind me of the need to find a rest and keep my critter shots under 200 yards if possible. I will probably fire about 40 rounds from my .338, 40 or so rounds from another Mod. 70 in caliber 30-06 and a few hundred from the .22 rifle. A month before I leave for the moose hunt I will dry fire and handle my .338 every day.


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      Good point .338 mag.

      One should shoot their hunting rifle a lot just prior to actually hunting with it. I totally fouled an easy shot at a spring black bear a few years ago because I took my shooting ability for granted. No practice for several cold winter months led to a severe pre-ignition push and I ended up shooting the dirt. How embarrasing! That won't be happening again.

      Lot's of dry firing is a good thing too.
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      If anything is going to happen, it'll happen out there.


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        I keep in practice by shooting various animals of verious sizes,in various winds, in various temps at varing light conditions, at varing times of year, in various locations from various positions.......

        Sometimes I'm "hot" sometimes I'm not....~~LOL!!~~

        I also shoot randomly, because I can....:rolleyes:
        If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

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          Lucky you. If we were to try that method down here on the Kenai Peninsula they'd lock us up. I have to drive 600 mi. to get one caribou unless I get fortunate enough to win a drawing some day. Ahhhh, what a life.
          If anything is going to happen, it'll happen out there.


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            Like a lot of others, I also shoot a rifle that is much like my real hunting rifles but is much cheaper to shoot. However, my choice is not the 22, my choice is a top quality pellot rifle in 22 caliber (not the .177) with a lot of speed. This way I can practice, practise and practise until my face falls off and the cost is minimal.

            Then, when I want to try for distance, I use my 223. Then when I am happy with the 223, I move on to my 30-06, then the bigger bores.

            I do most of my shooting off hand and with a rest (not bench except proving my zerro).


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