Anyone have personal experience ... 450 Marlin--45/70 on Bear frontal effectiveness?



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  • Anyone have personal experience ... 450 Marlin--45/70 on Bear frontal effectiveness?

    I have posted a few threads in regard to the 450 Marlin and .458 Lott. I am received some good information, but stuff I basically knew already, although I appreciate it anyway. I have years of hunting experience in Colorado, Africa, and Canada. I do not have any experience in Alaska with the brown bear, and there is so much misinformed stuff, rumors, and couch potato advice going on in these posts. I am just looking for honest personal experiences, either direct experience or least as a witness to the facts. Let me tell you what I do believe and what I don't for a start:

    I do believe brown bears are tenacious, tough and very powerful, making them extremely dangerous and deadly.

    I do not believe that they are made of armor, or any tougher than a cape buffalo.

    I do believe that the 45/70 & 450 Marlin warrants respect, and are powerful cartridges.

    I do not believe that the 45/70 is better than a .458 Winchester or a 458 Lott round, as Buffalo Bore company espouses ... I think that their theory, which is based on water and newspaper penetration tests is as wet as the paper. If not the 45/70 or 450 Marlin would have displaced those legends long ago on the Dark Continent.

    I do believe that a brown bear skull is tough.

    I do not believe that high power rounds with good bullets will bounce off of it ... such as the story that I read here about a .454 Casull doing just that.

    I do believe that bear attacks are rare statistically, as are police shootings.

    I do not believe because of such statistics one should be casual or fatalistic in how you go about your business. I can tell you that if you ARE the ONE that is involved in a police shooting, or being charged by a bear ... those stats mean ZERO … ZIP!
    YOU BETTER BE GOOD AND PRACTICE AS SUCH, HOPING THAT YOU NEVER NEED THOSE SKILLS, VERUS, walking through the tulips whistling Dixie! Getting dead is easy; staying alive is the trick under such dire circumstances! I was a cop for almost 30 years, and have a few memories that brought reality to such a philosophy...

    That said, does anyone have experience with the lever gun calibers, 450 Marlin or 45/70 with good bullets using them on a large brownie, frontal shots, preferably a charge, or at least frontal, not calm hunting broadside shots that any 30'06 could do just as well with a properly placed shot?
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    In my post, it should be Garrett Cartridge Company instead of Buffalo Bore that espouses the theory that the 45/70 out penetrates the .458 Winchester and Lott on game!


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      Proud American

      You would be better served to do a search on the 45/70 or Garrett and you'll see multiple threads, just nothing with anyone given first hand knowledge or experience on the 45/70 and a charging brown bear... Why, because I have been asking the same thing for over 3 years. Here is one of the links to start,

      But to specifically answer your question, I am sure someone has done what your asking but they just haven't written about it. I have taken a few black bears and moose with my 45/70 and on one occasion trailed my buddies brown bear he shot with his bow, but the bear was dead so no real experience with a charging brown bear where I had my gun. Did have a run in with 2 brownies, but only had my pocket knife and my wife... I ended up scaring them off with the smell of my shorts full of poo. :eek:

      As for my 45/70 rounds, I have done all my killing with the 400 speer RN. Great results but not killed in there tracks. So I have bought some 405 Kodiak's and then made up my mind on the 540 Hammerheads from Garrett's. Haven't killed anything with it yet, but I am very confident it will do what your asking. Why do I feel this way, well, I shot it through a 36" solid tree plus another 10" to 12" tree then it went into the sand another 8" or so, this said, I am sold that it will do the trick under 100 yards.

      Won't debate the value of a 458 lott because that was going to be my next gun until the 416 Ruger came out. Given stainless and a short action and short gun, I like that for Alaska and bears.

      Anyway, good luck getting your answer, if you get it, let me know but I have been asking for about 3 years so far.

      Enjoy. By the way, once I do get my brown bear, you'll see it here...


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        Thanks for the information. That Garrett sounds like it should break down the skull and spine at least, so if you hit it you should be oK! Garrett doesn't have any 450 Marlin loads, and I own a Browning takedown Model 81 in 450, and a CZ .458 Lott. The Lott holds two more rounds than the Ruger, and shoots .458 Winchester in a pinch, something to think about. The Ruger looks good, and should prove worthy of the task at hand.
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          Go to the Accurate Reloading forum and ask Phil Shoemaker these questions. He has more experience with big bears and lever action firearms than anyone I can think of. He is on the Alaska forum there under the handle 458Win. Jim


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            Ed Stevenson

            Ed Stevenson has much , much more experience than Shoemaker with lever actions , Phil is mostly a bolt guy . I've shot a half dozen bears with a .444 , .45-70 and .44 mag , a big , slow moving slug close up just works .


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              I have shot one brown bear stright on at about 75 yards,maybe a little closer.I used a hand loaded 45/70 round with a 350 gr. Hornady RN at 1880 pfs.The bullet entered under the chin and passed out just above the tail takeing some spine with it and the bear dropped at the shot. The same load has worked six other times on through and through shoulder hits but the bears were smaller blacks
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                Thank you! Now that is what I was looking for, real experience with that round. It sounds like it works when done right on the larger bears, and the medium size as well...

                Thanks again...


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                  Many years ago I had a 458 x two inch American. (A 458 Winchester case that was trimmed to 2 inches so it would work in shorter actions, and be something like a very hot 45-70 load) That wildcat is ballistically identical and darn near physically the same as a 450 Marlin. The only difference being that MARLIN moved the belt location.

                  I hit a large brown bear with a frontal chest shot using a 350 grain round nose loaded to around 2,100 fps. He spun around and stumbled about ten feet before he fell over.
                  The shot entered in the center of the chest and exited at an angle by his right hind quarter. The range was around 60 yards.

                  But I have also taken Browns with a 7x57mm Mauser , so shot placement is everything. Not to mention the time I belly shot (thru and thru from the side) a wounded Brown with a 458 Win Mag (500 grain SP) and all he did was excellerate to 40 mph as he headed for the thick brush.
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                    Ive shot three black bears with a 45-70 handloaded with 400 grain barnes Flat points.None of the bears were moving after that shot. 2 were shot over bait ,one was shot out of a tree.Velocity was about 1800 fps.


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                      That is interesting, and informative! I am thinking about using 350 Grain Swift A-Frame loads for the 450 as a soft, and maybe 430 grain hard cast from Buffalo Bore for a solid. This way the Swifts should shoot the same as the factory Hornady rounds which are cheaper to shoot for practice.


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                        There is some thing about a heavy hard cast bullet with a large meplat when extreme penitration is required. Just multiply the bullet wieght by the velocity to chose the best for penitration. I understand Garrett keeps the velocity down to insure the hard cast doesn't deform untill deep inside the game if it deforms at all.


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                          I shot a big black bear last year with my 450 Marlin from a treestand using factory ammo. The bear never took a step. He was looking up at me when I shot him behind the head down between his shoulders. That bear never knew what hit him.


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                            My understanding

                            Originally posted by Proud American View Post
                            That is interesting, and informative! I am thinking about using 350 Grain Swift A-Frame loads for the 450 as a soft, and maybe 430 grain hard cast from Buffalo Bore for a solid. This way the Swifts should shoot the same as the factory Hornady rounds which are cheaper to shoot for practice.
                            It's my understanding that shooting hardcast after gilded metal (jacketed) bullets results in leading and poor accuracy. If I am shooting lead I make sure all copper is out of the bore.
                            There are several .458 gilded solids available. Woodleigh has earned a great reputation. I don't have experience with their solids but have used the .338 250gr with excellent results on caribou.

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                              You bring up something that I did not consider, mixing two kinds of bullets with different characteristics... I will research such, as that could be a problem. If it were a minor accuracy problem only, then my primary use for the 450 as a bear protection gun would not be compromised, as accuracy at defense ranges is not an issue. If I were hunting with it at long range, it may become an issue. You bring up a good point worth researching further, thank you...


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