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What's your Favorite Gun/Ammo Store?

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  • What's your Favorite Gun/Ammo Store?

    Looking for opinions on what is your favorite gun store is and why?

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    Best guns/ammo store

    Boondocks in eagle bang for the buck


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      +1. Boondocks in Eagle River for me as well.


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        Great Northern Guns

        On many new guns, they have well below retails prices. A lot of people think their prices on used guns are high, but they are willing to deal, so that negates the situation. During this latest supply/demand/ problem, they have kept the price of powder consistently low, when it is available for sale.


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          Gator Guns in Kenai.


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            Who's the old guy...

            that ran his out of his garage, near Northern Lights? That guy had some screaming deals...


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              Alaska Shooters Supply.


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                +3 Boondock, good folks, good prices, interesting selection


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                  Money talks

                  I go where it is the cheapest. Last year I got a lot of ammo at Fred's with their 20% off coupon. Not the best ammo, but for plinking with a .22 or spending a few weekends at the range it worked just fine.


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                    favorite shop

                    I have been happy with Great Northern Guns. Every time I go in there, it is always busy, but I have always been greeted and asked if I need any help, no matter how busy it gets. I like Boondocks too, my only complaint is the cash only thing, I wish they would catch up with the 21st century and take plastic.

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                      Another vote for boondocks. They always have something interesting on special, pretty good inventory and they don't talk down to you like many of the other gun shops.
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                        Boondocks. They will order anything I ask them to and will receive guns for me with no hassles.


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                          Most credit card companies support anti gun legislation. So, I would bet that is a factor in why they do not accept credit cards. Been buying stuff at Boondock's since the early eighties and have found that they have the best prices.


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                            GNG & Boondocks

                            x2 what Mauserboy said. GNG has a great selection of new/used firearms and reasonable prices. I like Boondocks too for guns & accessories. Excellent service and knowledgeable help at both places. I like Gun Traders too..close to home and good reload selection.



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                              Since you didn't say location, I've been buying most of my guns through Williams Shooters Supply in Quincy, Illinois for the past 20 years.

                              Why? Because they give me the best deal.
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