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Scope Mounting - Where (need to buy rings too)

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  • Scope Mounting - Where (need to buy rings too)

    In the past I have take guns to Boondocks and Great Northern Guns to have scopes mounted. I was looking for a good recomendation where they might mount (for free) a scope if I buy the rings from them, or for a reasonable price. I currently have 4 guns that I bought this year all with scopes that I bought that I need mounted...guess I could do it myself but I always feel better when they do the work as both the above have done great in the past. Last one I had done I do not know if they mounted it for free or what they charged as I was out of the state and I had the wife take them down to get them done.


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    Do it yourself

    I can't remember how many stories that have been told about someone else messing it up and actually ruinning a scope. Get the right equipment and do it yourself. There is plenty of info on the net about how to do it properly. Then you can be sure that it was done right and save a few bucks in the process.
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      In our shop if we are not too busy and have time to do it while the customer is there, if they bought the scope and rings from us we will do it for free, also we can ensure that the eye relief is correct. When we are tied up it is only $15 to leave it for a mount and bore sight. But if you buy good equipment it really is a simple job that you could do yourself, you would just be lacking the bore sight. On a bolt gun you can remove the bolt and set the gun on a table pointing out a window and look down the bore at an object and move the scope to the object that you see through the bore. Kinda simple but it does get you close.


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        Boondocks has done three scopes for me - all for free. Twice when I bought the rings there, once when I just brought in my own and offered to pay. I'd trust them to do it again, as I've never had a problem.


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          I second BD's in eagle river, I bought the rings for two of my rifles there and they mounted 'em for free, all while giving me tips and answering all of my questions (nomatter how how dumb my questions may have been). I wouldn't hesitate to to have them mount another one for me.


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            Got it done at Boondocks today, real quick and boresighted.


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              If you live in Eagle River drop me a pm next time you need one installed. Have all the screw drivers I need and a bore sighter to boot.
              If you can tie your shoes you can mount bases, rings and a scope.


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