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  • Scope rings - weight

    I think perhaps there were other sections I could have posted this on but decided to start here. I recently purchased a Tikka T3 lite and, after reading other posts here, the factory rings are not good. So after reading further it seems that the popular replacement choice is Talley Lightweight One Piece rings.... I was all for that till I found out that the rings didn't come in silver. So with that new info I now consider all scope ring options open unless the Talley's are significantly less weight. I've done some searching, both for Talley and Weaver and I can't find any weights on their rings. Does anyone know if such info is avaiable and if so please pass along. Thanks.


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    They are aluminum and can be buffed to any silver finish you want, even the chrome look. The stuff to buff them can be had at Home Depot or Napa so for less than $10 and some work you can do your own then wax them so they stay.

    Or just buy another good name brand aluminum or light alloy mounts, they will all be very close to the same weight when made from the same light alloy.

    You want 1" or 30mm and high med or low rise?

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      I have the same situation; a T3 Lite stainless and VX III 2.5-8x36, silver. I thought that Talley model # S930714 was what I needed. I also considered the DNZ/Dednutz one-piece mount. I know they come in silver but I have seen many more recommendations for the Talleys.
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