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    I am getting sent back to the lower 48 in Dec. I dont know if I want to drive all of my guns through Canada. I know that I will have to ship my 3 pistols and sks( I am not sure about my M1A). Anyone ever shipped guns to the lower 48 before? If so how much did it cost you. I would have to ship about 12 rifles if I did it. Thanks for any help.
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    The rifles can go by ground and the pistols must go by overnight if using UPS or FEDEX. The rifles can also go by mail. UPS will allow you to send to yourself and FEDEX will not. UPS may still hassle you about it, because you are required to disclose the contents of the shipment and they like to make up their own rules. Even ground is going to be expensive, but not too bad considering.

    I would get some estimates from a freight company for that many firearms. That way you can send them all at once in the same shipment, and they will be less likely to impose their own restrictions not required by federal law. When I used to work in shipping, we would always use a small freight company when the shipment got to be more than about 70 lbs. Their rates and service were better and they gave you a lot more in the way of options than going with a big carrier. Through them, we shipped several hundred thousand dollars worth of surveying equipment for next day delivery, and we shipped the contents of a house in several large shipping containers to the United Arab Emirates.


    • #3 has a list of FFL people all over the States that will ship and receive your guns. Price is like $10 to $80 per gun but $20 is a common number that can be found in most states. Doing a batch like that most will cut you a deal of some kind on the whole lot. If you are active duty Military there is a couple FFL’s in Alaska that do it at cost so look for that down south also and help them out with your paying business in return. Sorry you got to leave the Great State!

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        I just went through this same problem 3 years ago when I got re-assigned down here in the lower 48. I just went and 5 double rifle cases (I had to ship 7 rifles and 3 shotguns), packaged them up and locked them up. Went to the Post Office in town and shipped to them to myself. I used my buddy's address since I was going to be stopping there on the drive down anyways.

        You just make out the shipping label from you to you c/o of the address. The only rule is where ever they are shipped if you are not there the person is not allowed to open it. I think I paid $25 a piece to get them shipped from Anchorage to Boise.Not bad at all.
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          I just mailed a rifle to AZ using the post office and it cost me $72 w/insurance. I mailed it in a single plastic gun case. The prices have gone up alot over the last year or so because I shipped a rifle to Texas last year for $33. Good luck


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            I just hauled 20plus up last year in June from CO and did not have a bit of trouble in Canada and it only cost about 35$ total. I shipped usps about 4 that i could not haul and carried the recepts when asked at the border.

            Good luck
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              I'm an FFL and a vet [Always True to Navy Blue]; If you need I wouldn't charge to provide you a copy of my FFL to ship your stuff below. Send me a personal message and I can discuss further with you.


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