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  • Lwrci??

    What do you folks think of/hear about the LWRC M6 rifles with the piston driven action. Pros and cons? Anybody have one of these little jewels?
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    I've shot one of the 308 rifles made by those guys. The gas system kept the rifle exremely clean and didnt "burn off" the lubricant. The normal m16/ar15 style of gas system is rediculous by design......blowing all of the gas back into the receiver to cycle the bolt. With that said.........the LWRCI's are freaking awfully expensive! It cost's 3,000 dollars for one of those rifles. I don't know about you....but if you aren't some elite military or elite law eforcement type guy then I would never consider spending that much on an ar-15/ar-10 when you could pick up a Bushmaster, DPMS, or Stagg for a third of the price. That is the only problem with that rifle though.....the darn price.


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      Murph we have rolled about a dozen out of here (we get about one a month)..Pros, awesome fit and finish, extremely reliable, scarily accurate. Cons Trigger is crappy out of the box. Price is high (approx $2100) but in terms of the fancy features (sights, rails, stock, piston and what not) not out of line, especially when you consider that the scalpers here in town are getting $1500 for Bushies and $1999 for Colts. If you bought a cheapo DPMS and dressed it up like the LWRC it would be close in price and not even half the gun


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