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  • Bear protection A square

    Hey all,

    I know many have weighed in with there opinions on the previous thread, but I have a bit more specific question for you all. Has anyone used A Square ammo for bear protection?

    I currently live in Washington state and am hoping to move up your way by next year. My wife and two sons and I lived in Homer for a summer two years ago and absolutely loved it. I've found work this year with two different outfitters packing for spring brown bear and fall sheep/moose to start on my guide apprenticeship. Anyways, the outfitter says to bring a 338 win mag, so I've purchased a ruger hawkeye 338 with a Leupold vx3 1.5-5.

    I've looked at ammo and will only shoot the super reliable stuff (Barnes X, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Swift A-Frame) and have come across A Square ammo. It seems to be loaded for African stuff, but offers factory loads in 250 grain, Lion, Dead Tuff and Monolithic Solid. For the purpose of carrying a rifle while packing (ie, close encounter, life and death, brown bear/grizz stuff) its seems ideal. Just wondering if anyone has actual experience with these bullets, loads. thanks a bunch.


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    The Lion Load has a thin, alloyed jacket that is slightly brittle, as is the lead. It is designed to fragment as it penetrates, shedding the energy and not exiting the animal. The Dead Tough has a very thick, soldered jacket and expands only slightly, no mushroom's here. The Monolithic is just that, a bronze projectile.

    I have a Hannibal model in .500 A-Square. I bought it in 1996. I have maybe 500 rounds through it now, mostly cast bullets, as the jacketed cost beaucoup bucks. It can be loaded down to sub-sonic velocities up to full-on loads.

    I have never killed anything with it, not that I haven't tried. Twice I went looking for moose, and found tracks with the grass slowly springing back up out of the depressions, but Mr. Moose wouldn't break cover. This spring I am going to see if I cannot convince a buddy of mine to take me out in the mountains of the lower Yukon for a blackie.

    I don't know you have to purchase the ammo from A-Square, but if you did, I am sure you would be pleased.
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      Double Tap & Woodleigh Weldcores


      You might want to try Woodleighs weldcores. These stand up and penetrate well. The link below has some loaded from a good ammo company, Double Tap:

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        If the outfitter said what gun to bring why not ask what bullet they prefer.
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          I've never shot that brand, too pricey for me. I use Barnes TSX (.375 not .338) and never had a problem. However, the thing to keep in mind is that any of the premium bullets are going to work about the same. Don't get caught up in the marketing hype. People were putting down bears for many years before the wonder bullets were made and even those old style bullets worked. I'd concentrate on shooting a lot of rounds through that .338 and getting used to taking a fast accurate shot. Not from the bench but real world shooting. That's going to be a whole lot more important at the end of the day than what bullet you pick. It's a bear, not a mythical dragon that can't be stopped without the magic bullet. Stop worring about it and enjoy your trip.


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            I have used the A-Square ammo, well actually the bullets handloaded, all three bullet styles, in calibers 375 and up.
            The Lion Load is as Nitro said designed to fragment and create a large but shallow wound in lighter framed animals. It would not be a good choice for brown bear. I have used the Dead Tough the most and would still use it in some calibers for cape buffalo. I would consider it to be a very good bullet for larger grizzly brown bear. My first choice would be the Swift A-frame in the 338 but certainly the 250 Dead tough would be a good choice. Some guns don't shoot them well, but likely any would be able to group 2" at a 100 in any gun and that is more than good enough for bear hunting. I have some in 338 caliber (bullets) and may try them someday. I have a friend who took a cape buffalo with a 338 wildcat and that very bullet. It will not expand as much as the Woodleigh so may be better for higher velocity calibers than in the 338 Win Mag. The 338 250 grain Woodleigh bonded is a good choice for the 338 Win mag also but will not penetrate with the A-frame, Dead Tough or TSX in 250 grains.
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