Meier Works ring levers for Rugers-Murphy?



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  • Meier Works ring levers for Rugers-Murphy?

    Murphy, you stated that you have used these and liked them. I have thought about approaching a machinist friend to find out how difficult it would be to make them.

    However, I recently lost interest d/t of the fact that you still have to use the Ruger rings and there is a design feature that I do not like. Mind you I have never had a problem with the Ruger rings, but, I never attempted to take them off, then back on to see if they will hold zero.

    The Ruger rings have a movable mating surface (it can twist on its axis) on one side of the ring. This set up never bothered me until I realized that sometimes this movable piece may not mate flush and therefore may not reset to zero as the Warnes will, which do not have this movable mating surface.

    Thoughts anyone. Agree or disagree?

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    Don't hold out on me. Anyone have an opinion on this? Has anyone else used these levers?


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