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M2 150gr FMJ Ball Ammo - Suitable protection for Bear?

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  • M2 150gr FMJ Ball Ammo - Suitable protection for Bear?

    An acquaintaince is planning a trip to AK (don't know where) and was pondering the merits of this for Bear Protection. He will not be using it for hunting. His questions, as posted on another site, are as follows;

    1. Where does the old M2 150gr FMJ Ball ammo fall compared to commercial .30-06 hunting ammo?
    I know there are much heavier and hotter hunting loads available commercially.

    2. Would M2 be effective enough against large game such as brown bear or moose?

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    Buy some real ammo. J.


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      Yes it would, eventually. after the bear killed you, ate you, then walked over for some salmon berries for desert. That is a terrible choice. If that is all he has, it's better than a stick. FMJ on bears or moose doesn't do enough damage, just pokes a bunch of small holes. They would bleed out slowly, unless you had a magic bullet.


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        FMJ ammo is good for depth of penetration, but doesn't leave much of a wound cavity. I recently read in one of the rags about Ganyana, an African PH, using .30-06 FMJ for elephant cull hunts, but he was taking brain shots behind the ear. I would only use it if your friend was comfortable with being able to take a CNS shot on a charging bear; any small miss and he's likely to become bear scat.
        "Beware the man with only one gun; he may know how to use it."


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          I have to agree, not a good choice. I saw a domestic sheep shot at 40 yards with a fmj .30 bullet and just stand there. Think what a irritated off bear would do, definitely not just stand there. So get something else, perferrably 220 grain premium hunting bullets.


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