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  • I dunno WHY it is.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

    I've pretty well established, in my own mind, that I'm not a super great rifle shot. I'd like to think, I'm average, but I wouldn't want to push it.

    I have even more firmly established, in my own mind, that I CANNOT shoot a rifle accurately with Iron Sights. This is BECAUSE, I often see TWO front sights, instead of ONE.

    HOWEVER, I have one of those AR-7 Survival Rifles, made by Charter Arms. (It's like the ones made by "Henry", nowadays.)

    Recently, I considered selling it, because, frankly, I've never used it much, and haven't packed it along with me on hunting trips much, either. When I determined what I could get out of it, I said, "Well Shucky Gee, I might as well keep it, and shoot it once in a while". I have 2 extra clips, even.

    This contraption has a peep sight. A REAL PEEPIE, sight, or a tiny hole that you need to PEEP through, to see the front sight, and it blocks out MUCH of the back ground. I hadda put a dab of yaller florescent paint on the front sight so's I could see it better, and yeah, I did, sight it in.

    The amazing thing is..... that I can shoot this Automatic 22 LR, very accurately, even compared to a cupla other rifles that have scopes. all I gotta do, is find the target looking through that little hole. I'm convinced that it would make a fine survival rifle, if I ever needed one to obtain small game for survival purposes.

    Another, amazing thing is I recently acquired a quite OLD Winchester, Mdl 94, 30-30, which I've been able to shoot better than TWO other 30-30s, one of which, is a Marlin, that has a Rifle Scope mounted.

    I'm wondering why I'm able to shoot better with some rifles, than with others. Is it because they are just more accurate, or suit me better, or what?

    The AR-7 shouldn't be accurate. It's an Auto, and the barrel has a liner, and the rifling is shallow, and not too sharp.

    The 94 Winchester, sorta looks like it may have been owned by the Pancho Villa, crowd, but I suppose an OLDER rifle could have been made better too. ????

    Has anyone had a like experience that might shed some light on this important matter? Or, am I just coincidenting, here?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    Smitty of the North
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    I should start by saying, this is only one of many possible variables.

    My initial thought here is an eye dominance issue.

    This is something most are born with. Some are left eye dominant, others are right eye dominant. I am sure you already know this, but could not help but to suggest it given some of the issues you mention.

    As for different rifles/sites having better/worse response, this seems logical. The longer or shorter the distance from the front to rear site, the more/less worse it becomes. The size and type of sight would also make a difference. For example I do better with the XS Sights (large aperture ghost) sights on my Marlin Guide Gun than most other iron sights. Also, this is a shorter rifle than my others, so this is an issue as well. When I am shooting skeet with my over and under, I tend to see two barrels. Perhaps it is the additional time staring at the sights that helps with rifles, but I have less conscious thought with the skeet shooting and the left eye tries to take over (I am right handed).

    Something you might want to read further into. Lots of info online about this. Especially as it pertains to shooting skeet/trap.

    Some info in the below article...

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      For me, peep sights beat all. They told us at the range that peep sights make you automatically center the sight in the circle... its human nature or something. When I installed them on my SKS my groups shrank considerably.

      I'm not a great shot either.


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        Originally posted by schmidty_dog View Post
        For me, peep sights beat all. They told us at the range that peep sights make you automatically center the sight in the circle... its human nature or something. When I installed them on my SKS my groups shrank considerably.

        I'm not a great shot either.
        I guess it goes back to when peep (tang and receiver mounted) were in vogue. They knew they were effective and did some amazing shooting with them. They are what I use now on three Win 71's and a muzzleloader. I shot peeps when I first started hunting, then go caught up in the scope thing, and now I'm back to peeps. I really like them and shoot them very well...they suit me just fine for lever gun hunting. I'd say, they can be effective to at least 300 yds, depending on the shooter, gun, rest and conditions. Good luck with your new "find".
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          The peep sight on my Garand is most awesome. I have a Winchester Mod 60 .22 with a V rear sight and if it wasn't for the sentimental value I probably would.
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            i discount all the firearm stuff.........and think it's YOU. sometimes the hard, cold truth is difficult to accept, but with professional help (and a loving family) there MAY be improvement.
            happy trails.


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              I love peep sights. Its all I've ever had on my Model 94 (which is also an older model), and, as I posted in another thread, it shoots pretty good. Whenever I take it to the range and start shooting at 100 yards with a peep I get comments from guys who say they wouldn't even be able to see the bulls eye at that distance with a peep. For me, its never been a problem. I suppose part of it is that I've used this gun for quite a few years now. The other thing is that peep sights are just inherently accurate. You really can't compare them to open sights. I would venture a guess that just about anybody can shoot with a peep sight. There is a reason they're standard on military rifles.
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                peep sights are the best !

                Being blessed with 55 year old eyes ,I too have noticed how wonderful peep (aperature )sights are ! Another gizmo you might look into is one of those little aperatures that sticks to your shooting glasses (dominant eye side ) with a suction cup ! for range use it brings most other sights into focus ! Kevin
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                  I have shot peeps--and like 'em....but I also shoot great with plain old open sights--and shoot well even with just a bead when firing shotgun slugs (with a shotgun that's up to it). But then I have always had good eyesight. None of this is meant as "boasting"...just trying to compare sights,etc. Hmmm....all other things being equal--you'll shoot better with a gun that has a better trigger. I'm not sure that's what applies in your situation though....maybe some of the guns just fit you better. Or maybe like pinehaven said...maybe it's just you. Hard to say....but one thing is sure....you can always try 'em out and use the guns that YOU shoot well. Happy hunting


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                    Like danattherock said, this is one of many possible variables. I also think it may be a dominant eye issue.

                    Most of us have a dominant eye. However, the dominance can vary greatly. To the extent that one eye is strongly dominant, on one end of the "scale", to where one eye is only barely dominant (weakly dominant) over the other (the other end of the scale).

                    When someone sees two front sights or two barrels, I think it is because they do not have a strongly dominant eye. I am my own case study. I see two front sights. I used to be left eye dominant, but, have trained my right eye to be dominant, but, weakly.

                    It takes me forever to find the front sight when using a V rear. Not so with a Peep. My right eye finds the hole and this takes away from my left eye also "seeing" the front sight.

                    Smitty, does the recently aquired 30-30 wear a Peep? Or perhaps an old buckhorn that is almost like a peep.

                    I have an old buckhorn sight on a bolt 16 guage shotgun that meets close at the top, but, doesn't quite close the gap, and it also allows my right eye's vison to get sucked through to the front sight leaving my left eye's vision out of the "picture".


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                      I'll try to answer everyone, and everything at one fell swoop.

                      I don't have a problem with Receiver Sights, often called "Peep Sights". I used the term "Peep", because of the nature of the particular one. Unlike most, it blocks out nearly everything. And, I'm not gonna complain about that one because it works so well for me, or the gun does.

                      I have a short barreled 30-30, that HAS a Lyman Receiver Sight, and a wide post in front. I can't shoot it worth a hoot. Never could. I'm not blaming the sight, though. I can't see ANY iron sights very well. I've always believed that a Peep Sight, is quicker, and easier to get a sight picture, and while not necessarily the most accurate sight, it could be one that works when others fail, due to eyesight problems.

                      The other recently acquired 30-30 has an open sight, that I don't think is original because it is a "Marble" brand sight.

                      The reason I can shoot IT, and the AR-7 COULD BE, because I can see the sights a little better than on some other rifles with iron sights, but I'm thinking there is more to it, as in the rifle itself, is more accurate.

                      Triggers? I wouldn't expect either to be that great, but maybeso.

                      The way the gun fits, and holds? Same there.

                      Me? (Dumb Luck) (Coincidence) That could be.

                      I just wondered if anyone else out there has had the same experience. You can shoot some rifles very accurately, compared to others.

                      Thanks for you indulgence.

                      Smitty of the North
                      Walk Slow, and Drink a Lotta Water.
                      Has it ever occurred to you, that Nothing ever occurs to God? Adrien Rodgers.
                      You can't out-give God.


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