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  • Leupold PRW rings and bases

    I'm interested in buying a set of the Leupold PRW rings and bases to use on my .338 Mag. Does anyone have any experience with these rings? If so, how do you like them? Do they seem pretty strong and durable? etc. I currently have been using Warne rings and bases which are pretty similar in design except that they have the verticle break where the rings are joined. The PRW's with their nearly horizontal break, seem like they might be a little easier to work with when mounting a scope. Any thoughts or helpful comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have the Leupold QRWs, so I can switch scopes, and they're fine.

    My Gunsmith told me the PRWs are the same, excepting you would need to carry an allen wrench around with you to switch scopes.

    They oughta fit your Warne or Weaver bases too.

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