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    Any thoughts on what is the best cleaning solution is for cleaning a barrel, I,m guessing some are better than others.

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    I have the best luck w/ sweets..


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      The absolute best thing I've ever used for barrel cleaning and the entire gun for that matter, is MPro-7 aka Hoppe's Elite. It cleans everything off and degreases the metal so you have to remember to recoat all your metal with the oil/preservative of your choice when you're done.

      It's even better for bore cleaning because it strips everything clean and allows copper removers like Sweet's or Barnes' CR to penetrate and work better when needed.

      I have used it to clean the face of stainless revolvers and removed all traces of carbon to where it looks like a new, never-fired cylinder.

      It's non-toxic, biodegradable and no odor except for a light Windex like smell when you stick your nose close to the open bottle.
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        I've been using Barnes CR-10 until the copper is gone followed by Hopps #9 and a few dry patches. Then a patch wet with Kroil to store.

        When I plan on shooting again I run a dry patch through to remove any Kroil residue.


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            Super clean

            I use JB Borebright from Brownells with a bore snake....does a great job and with the snake you dont have to worry about nicking your crown with a rod and very easy to pack into the field It is really good for breaking in also....3 the snake through with borebright....3 the snake through with borebright....for at least 21 rounds (dont forget to let her cool). After that all you need is a fouling shot before the one that counts. I have used this method for all my weapons and they foul very little if at all. I use brake cleaner on my actions... does wonders and dries residue free.
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              Originally posted by akbone View Post
              Any thoughts on what is the best cleaning solution is for cleaning a barrel, I,m guessing some are better than others.
              BE CAREFUL! various chemical compounds are not compatable with each other and can damage or frost your bore. this is a permanent "etching" that will hold bullet material. this can't be fixed, and will be constant no matter what process or ammunition you continue to use.

              never mix or go from one bore cleaner solution to another, without a dry patch in between.

              for serious copper removal barnes cr10 works very well. follow the instructions on the bottle as to time and use. remember....after using any of these aggressive solutions, re-oil your bore as it is completely unprotected, and will rust w/o treatment.
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                There are a lot of threads on this. IMO, there is nothing better than Wipeout. It's easy, it's effective and it's harmless to your bore, but dont let any sit on your finish if you have a wood stock.

                It will absolutley get all the copper out of your bore. The only draw back is that it takes time. You need to let it soak up to 8 hrs and for badly fouled barrels it will take multiple apllications, But it is very easy... just spray it in to your muzzle and let it sit, then take 2 maybe 3 patches to clean the bore. If you see blue, soak it again until the first patch comes out clean. For a well broke in barrel, you will need only one or two applications. For a bad fouling barrel you may need quite a few. It's a whole lot better and more effective than other cleaners and brushes and scrubbing and a lot less chance to damage your crown bore or throat.

                For barrel break in at the bench, I will use something that works quicker after each shot. Other than that, I use Wipeout period.

                My $.02
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                  Another vote for Wipeout. You have to be careful with Sweet's and CR-10. They are a very strong ammonia based cleaner and can do damage if you don't pay attention. Wipeout is easy to use and it doesn't have the strong headache inducing vapors that a lot of bore cleaners have. It gets EVERYTHING out of the bore with no scrubbing.


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                    I like Wipe Out too but it took some of the black matte finish off my barrel, weird stuff. It does however do a good job at removing copper fouling.


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                      Hey Thanks for the input, I've never heard of wipe out but sounds like great stuff. Where can I get it?


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                        Sportsmans Warehouse when they have in inventory :rolleyes:

                        You might try online also...
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                        ~ John Quincy Adams


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                          I have had monstrous jobs with Garands and just this past weekend spent all day Sunday cleaning a Win Mod 60 .22. It was my Granddads and I KNOW he didn't do much in the way of cleaning.

                          I use Kroils, and Blue Lightning.

                          The Kroils i let sit for 20-30 mins and then light brush and patch. Kroils is an oil so its ok to let it sit overnight.

                          I have most all of the cleaners, Butch's, Sweets, etc. Kroils and Blue Lightning are the best I've encountered...but I would be willing to try that Wipeout.
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                            8% ammonium hydroxide mixed with a little dishsoap.
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