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    Picked up a "used" Browning A-Bolt chambered in .300WSM. If someone would'nt classify it as being in mint condition, it would should be a surprise! Anyways, did'nt really need it but thought it would make a great rifle for elk, and bear.

    Which brings me to my question - is the .300 WSM enough for large bear and moose? I thought by asking this question in a website catering to Alaska sportsmen, it should bring some good input!

    As you might surmise, at this point, anyways, I have never used it or fired it. I am traditionally a .338WM shooter, and a quite avid one at that.


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    well into 25+ moose ,many bear to include a kbbear .... between my 3006 /180gr and my bow ..300wsm well do just fine ..was leaning toward a 300wsm on my last rifle buy but the old stand by o6' and the 500+ pcs of brass i have ..kept me ..not to mention the $$ :eek:20 rd box differnce.


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      i have a winchester mdl 70 in 300 wsm and love it took a nice bull elk with it 2 years ago in idaho out at 300 yds he went about 20 yds useing factory win ammo in 165 gr mine has less recoil then my rem 3006 my 13 year old lil bro will it all day the ammo is pretty spendy up here but i love mine and would take it over an 3006 for any thing


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        I blundered into a 300WSM in my latest rifle. At first I didn't care for the chambering but took the plunge as I really liked the rifle a lot. After some shooting I've started to warm up to it quite a bit. Only downside is ammo cost is pretty high compared to some other calibers.

        I'd consider it adequate for anything the .300 Win Mag is... and that's quite a lot.
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          Originally posted by hodgeman View Post
          i'd consider it adequate for anything the .300 win mag is... And that's quite a lot.

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