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  • borrow an action wrench?

    I ran a post in the gunsmithing forum recently over which action wrench to buy for a model 70 action. Thanks to everyone there, I now know which one I need, but I got to thinking.

    I just need to pull the barrel to clean up a little "oops". Should be real quick, then just screw the barrel back on, line up the witness marks, and be done. If it comes down to it I'd rather spend the money on a wrench than a gunsmith and have the wrench to show for it, but I don't anticipate needing this particular action wrench more than once, and the cheapest action wrench I can find is $55. It occurred to me that maybe someone on here already has an action wrench that's not seeing enough use, and that maybe that person might even have room in the fridge for a sixer of adult beverage, so a win-win situation could result!

    Anyone in the Anchorage/Chugiak/Wasilla area have an action wrench that'll fit a Model 70 and that's not getting enough use?

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    not needed anymore!

    Thanks to all! This thread can be deleted.


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