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    I'm leaning toward purchasing some of these and wonder how current users like their model. Looks like many of them have similar specs in terms of amplification and suppression. One thing I'm particularly interested in is how your model affects your ability to shoot long guns. I've heard some of the bulky ones get in the way. What about over-the-head vs behind the neck?

    I expect to use these only for range shooting, not hunting, but I'm interested in hearing from all players!



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    Peltor Tactical 6S

    I have a set of Peltor tactical 6S ear muffs (band over the head). I used it both for hunting and shooting at the range, and it works fine. I wear the muffs over my hunting cap, with the band facing the back of my head, and the ear pieces above my ears. I am used to wearing them that way when not shooting my rifle, and move then down over my ears whenever I shoot my rifle. Since they are not rain proof, I also carry foam ear plugs (the chartreuse-color ones) to wear if raining heavily.

    This unit has individual microphones and volume controls, and like other units, it blocks sounds that can damage your hearing (over 86 decibels?). The sound control works so fast that loud noises, gun fire for example, can't go through, and yet allow low noises to go through. The muffs are flat and close to one's head, so they don't protrude enough to touch the rifle's stock when shooting it.

    One thing I don't like much about these ear muffs are replacing the AAA batteries. To accomplish that, I must insert my fingertips under the bottom's edge (or top's edge) of the of the foam piece or seal, and then lift it. After a little practice this works well, but not so if you do it for the first time.

    Other than that, I like this unit. It used to cost much more when I bought it a few years ago, but now i see it for around $80.00 at the Sportsman Warehouse.


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      I have a set of Radians ProAmp and the old man just got the Peltor Tactical 6S backband style. I like the Radians because they amplify sounds louder, but the Peltor only takes 4 batteries verse the 6 in the Radians and they are not as tight of a squeeze on the noggin as the Radians. And no I don't have a fat head either! The Peltor also blocks at a lower noise level. The Radians block at a loud clap where the Peltor does it at a snap of the fingers. I know, not very scientific but it is noticeable. The backband style is great for the hat wearer too. The Peltor was $70 from cabelas where the Radians were over a hundred from a sporting goods store. Both are nice muffs.


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        It's the Peltor 6S for me as well. They're flat enough that they don't get in the way.
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          I have a pair of Peltor comtac,they are great.They enhance all sounds when under 90 db, when the sound level gets to 90db it cuts off the sound.I think its very important to wear hearing protection both in the field and at the range...


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