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    Has anyone ever had a problem with a detachable mag accidently falling out and getting lost on a remote trip, or at an inopportune time such as when stalking an animal? Two of the rifles I'm considering buying as my new sheep rifle have detachable mags (Tikka T3 and Sako A7). But I am a little leery of the detachable mag. Seems like just another thing to worry about when you're out in the middle of nowhere and no way to replace it if something goes wrong. I would prefer not to have to use a repeating rifle as a single shot. Maybe I'm overthinking things. Any thoughts/advice?

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    No. but I have left them at home. Then I had a single shot.


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      I've used a detachable mag all my life, and never had a problem. Personanlly, I prefer it. I keep the mag full and then when I need to load the gun I pop it in. I think most people would like what they are used to. I've never left the mag at home, but I have left my shells at home. All I had then was a dull spear.


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        I have in the past put a round in the chamber and the mag in my pocket for when planed shooting is about to take place.
        Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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          I worried a bit when I got my Tikka ~5 years ago, but have come to like it. Fast to reload/clear/ or just change type rounds. I just practice listening/feeling for the click every time I change it. My military background didn't hurt in this regard either. I always carry a spare despite the expense (tikka).


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            not really.....

            I don't mind them on my .22 rifle, I carry spares for it and it works fine as a single shot. I don't want them on a big game rifle. I am old fashioned. My Alaskan big game rifle has to have a big claw extractor and a Win. Mod. 70 trigger. If it falls in the mud I want to be able to wash it in the creek. My son-in-law is still looking for the magazine that goes in the Savage 30-06 he was given. At least he was 10 years ago when we were leaving for a hunt. Some folks like them. I guese if you never have a problem with them they are fine. I like them on a AR 15.


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