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  • Sig-Sauer 556

    I am in the market for an assault rifle and have looking at the Sig-Sauer 556 rifle. I am not set on a specific model yet. I fugured I would ask around and see if anyone has shot one of these. Any info about them would be welcome. I have a Sig 228 in 9mm that I really enjoy but I hav never heard anything about the rifles.


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    Honestly, I would go with an AR platform over the 556. Dont get me wrong, its a great rifle, but for a piston system its heavier then a comparable AR.

    Not to mention accessories are far easier to find for the ar platform.

    just my .02


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      We have sold probably 150 of the various incarnations and the folks who buy them just love them. They are heavier, thats why so many folks are buying the pistols and SBRing them. They even have railed versions so you can hang all your goodies off of them


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        Just in Wild West guns and they have one of the Sigs with the rail system and the folding 6 position stock. Very nice looking gun.


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          I have a brand new Swat classic sig 556 if you are interested PM me


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            I have several and they run flawlessly. The swat model with the rail is a bit heavy. If you do not need to hang acessories on the front of it, I would recommend the classic with the 551 style forend. It has a better balance.

            I already have a number of AR's and just wanted someting different.


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