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  • Mounting a scope

    I'm going to be mounting a Leupold VX-II 3-9X40mm on my .338 Win. Mag. using Warne rings and bases. I want to make sure that the scope doesn't slip at all in the rings over time due to recoil or anything else. I have heard of people applying stuff to the inside of the rings were the scopes touches. Can anyone tell me more about this? What do they use? Is it a good idea? etc. Thanks for any help.

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    I've never had that problem. I make sure the ring and scope surfaces are CLEAN and oil free with alcohol. Today alot of people use torque wrenches on the rings. I don't have one so I do it the way I've done for years. I alternately tighten them until the allen wrench flexes when pushing on the end of it with one finger without the screws moving.


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      Make sure that your rings are lapped, clean and set perfectly in alignment. I use the purple locktite, not the red stuff and have never had any issues.

      I wouldn't put anything inside the rings as temperature fluctuations might not have a good effect.
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        I have seen some rings which had black friction tape on the from the factory but don't remember what brand.
        I also put some loc-Tite on them and let them sit for a few days before shooting and tighten up with an allen wrench using the time proven, highly tachnical, "flex method". Paying close attention to the gap between the top and bottom rings on each pair trying to get them as close as possible, but don't go as far as using a feeler gauge.


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