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rain x on scopes

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  • rain x on scopes

    has anyone experimented with rain-x on their scopes to make the water run off or bead up.
    Did the stuff ruin your lens? Any info would be appretiated before I start experimenting with my scope its a leupold vx II

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    I have never tried it but I would advise against it. I used the rainx windshield washer fluid in my truck a few years ago. I ran out during the summer, didn’t think too much about it because it had been dry and was going to stay dry for a week or two. My windshield started to peel after a week without putting more rainx on, I couldn’t see crap if the sun was in front of me, so I vowed to never use the stuff again, it took a lot of “elbow grease” to scrub that crap off the windshield.
    If you could keep the lens wet with that stuff it might work out for you but like “Armor All” once you use it you would most likely have to keep using it.
    (also i would go buy a $20 scope to Test it on before i would try the VX II)
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      I intended to try their anti-fog on my glasses but the instructions say not to use it on any thing with a non-reflective coating which my glasses have.
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        Don't know about Rain X, but....

        A good set of scope covers enabled me never to worry about using a product like rain x on my scopes. I use Butler Creek flip open covers.
        If you don't like those, maybe you could get a good pair of see thru covers and use the rain x on them.


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          rain x

          thanx for the info dont think I will try the rain x on my scope
          I'll invest in some good flip up covers


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            And "investing" in some butler creek flips ups is only going to be like 15 bucks, so you probably would've spent 1/3 of that on some rain-x
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              I prefer the "bikini" style scope covers. The flip up style can pop open accidently when riding on a pack or going through heavy brush. You might not realize until your scope is already wet. Then if you try to close the cover back up with the lens wet, the whole lens will fog because of the moisture. The bikini style won't pop off so this doesn't happen. Only disadvantage is they are a little slower to get off.


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