List of businesses in Kenai area for reloading items etc.



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  • List of businesses in Kenai area for reloading items etc.

    Hello all,
    I'm headed to the Kenai area for some spending! I know there are some smaller shops etc. that sell reloading components and gun stuff. I'm having trouble finding them online or in the phone book I have. If you can think of any names or numbers... I'd appreciate it so I can start calling ahead for price/avail checks. Thanks!!!!!


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    Gator Guns on the Spur Hwy 283-7947 Best selection of hunting firearms and reloading components

    The Ammo Shop off K-Beach 283-6110 Great selection of reloading components (for the area) and a good place to buy new brass in small quantities

    Impact Area on K-Beach 262-1625 Some reloading compnents, best place for AR15's, AK's, etc, lots of inventory, and lots of bulk ammo. Owner is first class.

    Fred Meyers 260-2215 Uh....

    Brown Bear Guns 283-3800 Really neat shop, haven't been in there for several years. If you haven't been there, do it asap.
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      Thanks!!!!!!! That was what I needed!!!!

      Kindest Regards,



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