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  • Ar Takedown Pin spring

    I went to install a new plate on my ar (that i got at far north btw)

    Anyhow, i ended up launching the spring into oblivion. I cant seem to find one in the interior as of yet. (protek is closed till mon)

    Should I be unable to find one, by chance does anyone have an extra?

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    wish i could help

    i did the same thing when i built mine. took me and the kids 2 hours to find it. Good luck. hillbilly


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      When I bought the parts to do my first AR lower DIY build, the company I bought the parts from had a note to get a few extra parts (small springs and plungers?) because most people launch them on their first try.

      The other option is to put the lower and these small parts into a clear plastic bag (large garbage bag) during ass. so that if any thing gets launched it is contained within the bag.


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        Dont you just love how things can just randomly appear? The cat knocked over my toolbox while i was at work, and the spring was just sitting on top of the pile of junk.

        Rifle is back together and function checked

        Cant wait to get to the range


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            take a large magnet and scan the room looking for it. usually works. or use the vaccum and listen for it to get sucked in.


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