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  • 450 Marlin 1895M

    Thinking about picking up a 450 for bear/moose gun. I am curious what anybody else has to say about em.

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    It's a great gun for close range and beating the brush. I have a 450 Marlin GG and I like it alot but I try to keep my shots 150 yards or less.


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      I have both the Marlin .450 and the 45-70. They are fairly similiar, and IMHO I think the 45-70 has a little bit of an edge for reloading possibilities. But you can't go wrong with the 450 it is still a great gun.
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        I have the 45/70, it is probably my favorite gun, very easy to carry, very accurate, buy the wild west trigger,ejector and you will be pleased!


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          I just picked up one a month or so ago & have only been out to shoot it once so far, but I love it.
          Had one before in 444 Marlin, but I prefer the 450, for the heavier bullet weights available.
          They are also a fun gun to upgrade (they will do the job fine just as they come out of the box). So far I put on a set of XS ghost ring sights (with the protective wings on the rear), put on a butt stock shell carrier, & removed the stock recoil pad (mine was twice as stiff as the factory one on a friends) & replaced it with a slip on Simms pad (what a difference! Went with the slip on because I may shorten the stock .5"). I intend to put in the bear proof ejector from WW someday soon, along with doing a trigger job myself. If the trigger job doesn't come out good I'll drop in a WW "Trigger Happy" replacement trigger.
          Next year I may put on an XS scout scope base.
          I had (actually still have & it's for sale) an Encore pistol barrel (15" including the muzzle brake, so probably 13.5" effective barrel length) in 450 Marlin that I loved. I had (again, still have & it's for sale!) a 2-7(?) scope on it & could brake clay birds with it all day long at 200 yds from a prons position with a bipod. From the barrel a load that was below max put a 405gr Remington jacketed bullet out at a little over 1675 avg. with no pressure signs. Cast went faster. Haven't chronoed them in the Marlin yet, but I'm guessing 1850ish, to maybe 1900.
          My intention is to make 425gr hardcast with a big meplat. It will be my go to gun for anything out to 150ish with ghost ring peep (probably my limit, not the guns) & 200yds ish with a scope (if I could shoot a handgun that far this thing should be no problem right?). Basically I'll find my effective range from an accuracy standpoint, & I know the gun will be plenty effective on moose size critters out to 200 yds.

          The 450 is a great cartridge, & while it will probably never be as popular as the 45-70, I think it will stay with us. For the handloader the 45-70 can be hotrodded to just about match the 450 although I don't think it can exceed it safely. For the non-handloader standard factory ammo (without going to the expensive stuff like Garrett) is better for the 450.
          Instructions for a trigger job along with lots of other great info on Marlins is available here.
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            Good gun but the 45/70 will do abit more and can almost reach 458winmag well past the 450.In hunting brush areas its great but I concider brush hunting at well under 100yards.Of course if set up for creadmoor shooting a thousand yard shots can be made
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              I got the 18"bbl ported 450 when they first came out. I bought it for one purpose. To hunt deer in close cover on Admiralty. F&G says there is like 1. something Brown bears per square mile. I used it for 4 or 5 years straight and its great on deer. Being a slower bullet I found it to be less destructrive to the meat than my 300 or 338. But they go down like you dropped a bus on them. It makes a big hole but its just a hole if you hit bone it doesnt frag the meat so bad as a Magnum. LOL I have shot a few deer within 20 yards with it and they got rolled. Although I shot a deer at about 15 yards below me with a steep downhill texas heart shot and the round exited at the edge of the lower brisket and that sucker ran an eazy 75 yards before relizing he was dead and piling up hard I didnt see him go down but I heard it all and that amazing to me. A hole the in heart the size my thumb. And the short barrel is a dream in brush. On broadside shots up close you can see the whole side of the deer ripple like a drop hitting water. I used a straight 4x on it. I havnt taken the larger animals with it though. Im bummed I think I overdid a handload and the first few inches of my barrel by the action is damaged and there is what looks like pitting. Ill prob just get a new one eventually. The leverrevolution ammo didnt seem to be very good in it though. Maybe the short barrel has something to do with it maybe not dunno. And they fed kinda funny too. But the original flat nose Hornady 350 grainers always would get 2 inches or so at 100yrds with an old as dirt burris 4x I had on it. Thats plenty accurate for the range capability of the rifle in my opinion. Id be willing to use it on anything up close.


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                Originally posted by isitfallyet View Post
                Thinking about picking up a 450 for bear/moose gun. I am curious what anybody else has to say about em.

                i think the .450 is a daisy, but still use my 45-70's because of the availability of components. as you know the .450 was developed, not to outperform the venerable 45-70, but to put high pressure loads in guns that can stand it.

                too many shooters out there are not aware of their firearms limitations, i am!

                my loads in the 35,000 cup will kill most anything, and are the equal of the .450.

                happy trails.
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                happy trails.


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                  I would suggest going to the auto store and getting a 1/4 inch externial snap ring and slipping it on the grove of the cross bolt safety so it is secured in the off position. Two safetys is one to many to deal with when in bear country


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                    I would suggest going to the auto store and getting a 1/4 inch externial snap ring and slipping it on the grove in the cross bolt safety to deactivate it. When in bear country two safetys are one to many to deal with.


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