Remington XCR not ejecting spent cases



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  • Remington XCR not ejecting spent cases

    Friend of mine has a Remington XCR in 7mm Rem Mag that when he fires winchester or other brass the extractor pulls right through the brass. The cases have some markings towards the bottom, light scratches.

    He says when he fires remington ammo it does not have an issue.

    Any ideas?

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    clean the chamber really good, might be some oil or buildup in it. Other than that have it checked out by a gunsmith. Could be a lot of different things such as rough tool marks int he chamber or poorly cut chamber.


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      I had a similar problem w/ my 338 win mag XCR. The extractor did not pull through the brass, but cartridges were very hard to extract. The gunsmith told me that it was a mass-production problem having to do with chambers made with a worn-out bit. He polished the chamber and the problem went away. I could have sent it in to Remington since it was a new rifle, but who can wait that long?


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