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  • Good day at the range

    Finally got back out on the range in Birchwood. It was a good time sitting down and running some lead down the barrel of the new gun. even better knowing I have powder primers and bullets at home to make up a new batch. The temp was a balmy 30 good thing. I did load up the cold weather gear but forgot the bunny boots. No big deal a good jacket, tenny runners and a pair of mechanix glove were all that was needed for warmth. I did the year membership looking forward to punching some hole in the target. I met a fellow shooting his AR Had a real nice looking 500 pistol also. I enjoy the shooting and looking at other rigs along with the good conversation. I look forward to meeting others from the forum in the future. Everyone I have met thus far have been top notch. I will be there Tomorrow puching holes with the little fireball and hope to get the 25/06 sighted back in and get the 10 mm out and see if I can hit something. If anyone is out and about stop by and say howdy. I would even let ya fire a couple with the little fireball what a fun little shooter has a very nice set trigger.
    ttyl Bill
    22' SeaSport coho
    TigerBight call sign

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    Man, yeah what a day to shoot! Nice and warm. Get those gloves the same place I do?? Local AIH

    You didn't mention what you were shooting today. Was it the fireball?
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