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  • remington 700 xcr

    I have been told that this is a stainless steel gun with a special corrosion resistant coating. Does anyone have experience to verify this? My son is interested in a 270 caliber and the xcr was recommended by one individual that I talked with.

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    I have one.

    i have one in 338 RUM and love it. Its spent several weeks in the poairng rain of prince william sound. splashed around in the boat and covered with wet soggy vegitation. It has never shown signes of rust. Now i wouldnt completely neglect it but it holds up very well. i always ran a dry patch then a oiled patch down the barrel every night and wipe down the outside. Tack driver,crisp trigger and loaded weighs 7.5 pounds. Can you tell i lie this gun. Hillbilly


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      I have one in 375 H&H bullet proof so to speak. you could use it for a paddle in the salt. great trigger


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        Yep, XCR has the coating. If you are going to be close to the salt, it is the ticket. Not as shiny as stainless either.

        My 300 RUM is 3/4" out of the box with factory ammo. Had to have the trigger pull adjusted. Crisp 3.5#. If I want a lighter pull, I think I have to get a new trigger.


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          I to have one in 375 H&H. Great gun so far. No issue. I can say the same thing about my M77 all weather I picked up in 1992. Stainless is the way to go.

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            I have currently have one in .270 with a Leopold VX III in 3.5-10x50. Super sweet shooting gun. Had it up on the slope twice in lots of rain. That Nitrite coating (I think is what they call it) does a great job. I have an XCR in 375 lined up for purchase and didn't hesitate saying yes to the purchase.


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