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  • Left Hand Lever Guns

    I'm right handed, but my son is a lefty. I want to get him a new rifle and I want to get the right thing. I've looked at all the left hand bolt action rifles, but what about lever action rifles?

    Is a Marlin 336 lever gun really made for both right and left hand or does it just do Ok for lefties?


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    Lefty Levers

    Well, Ive been shooting levers all my life from the left left side. Works fine for me. The only real difference is the casings eject accross the front instead of outward but ive never had any problems with it what so ever. Thats half the charm of the lever for me. I consider them to be ambidextrious for all practicall purposes, same as revolvers.



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      Lefty Lever Lover

      The Marlins are a very good choice. Some prefer shooting the Righty gun as a Lefty as it is very easy to look into the chamber with the gun shouldered.

      I prefer the top eject Winchesters but Whinchester also made the AE(angle-eject). If you plan to scope it then Marlin or Winchester AE. My first deer was taken with a M94 .30-30 but now I use a M94BB in .375 Win. Carries the same but packs more punch!

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        I don’t think anyone can deny that lever guns are by their very nature, a bit more “lefty friendly” that most other rifles, but that said, many of the modern versions (as mentioned above) eject to the right, either at an upward angle (Win 94 Angle eject) or out of a side port (Marlin 336, Browning BLR et. al. ) and may create some issues for a lefty, but I couldn’t really say as I aint one…

        E45colt and Smitty are both super knowledgeable about these guns, so I will defer to them, but only add a few thoughts for you to consider. I personally like the older top eject Winchesters but only have two examples. One is a M94BB in .375 Win just like e45colt has, and mine is also the pre-safety model (the push button style safety’s are NOT left hand friendly) and it is a great gun, but NOT suitable for traditional scope mounting.

        Regarding the top eject Winchesters… Nothing I have witnessed yet, brings the same mixture of hilarity and sympathy at the shooting range as watching a fat guy doing the frantic freaky chicken dance after his tip eject Winchester has arched a blazing hot cartridge case over his head and down the back of his shirt… you know how they say a badger can turn around inside of his own skin to bite you… yea.. its kind of like that! The burns heal up fast enough… it’s the tweaked back and pulled shoulder muscles from all that freaky chicken dancing that takes a week or two to recover from! Er..uhhh, at least that’s what the “guy” told me…:rolleyes:
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          I wonder if Hornady is going to make the leverlution ammo in 375 at some point,I think Alaska Sports Shop in Haines still has a bunch of the BB in 375win from their American Bald Eagle run of guns.
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            No problem

            I am right handed,but have always fired rifles and shotguns left handed-- with no problems whatsoever (except of course,right handed bolt guns being slow to operate). I've never had ejected shells hit me--and that includes side eject models as well as top eject models.And if you wish to mount a scope,I believe the hammer spur can be placed on either side. Semi auto,lever,pump--no problem


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              I think you can still find repo Spencer rifles in 45colt maybe 44/40.
              Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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