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  • Patchout and Wipeout

    I have read a bunch of good things in several forums about Patchout and Wipeout for tuff fouling. My new .300 RUM shoots good and fouls bad.

    Where can you get it in the Anchorage area?

    I would like something I can take to the range and use easily. The no brush things seems to good to be true, but I can't knock it if I don't try it.

    Several threads say that 7.62 works real good too, but not as slick as the Wipeout.

    I have tried a few other products and can give a biased opinion.
    Birchwood Casey bore foam: Messy, stinky, clings to everything, not effective

    All Hoppes products (elite gun cleaner, Elite copper remover, plain old solvent and black powder remover): Not stinky or too messy (except the nitro solvent but by now that smell is so common that I don't mind it), more effective but I can still see shiny copper marks down the lands.

    Knock out bore foam: Easy to use but it spits foam out the muzzle and sprays the walls. Not an issue in the garage, but is in the kitchen. More copper showed on the patches with this stuff than anything else. I used it 4 times until there was no more copper on the patches. However, I can still SEE copper between the lands so I know it is still fouled.

    I tried some other foam stuff but it did not even clean the powder residue, let alone the copper.

    Long and short, I need the REALLY good stuff. What ever that is.

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    Daved, I am a big Wipeout fan... but... I dont use it at the range. It takes too long. I have heard good things about Iosso paste. I'll be trying that the next time I need to clean at the range.


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      If copper fouling is the issue, KG-12 is the best I've found to remove it. Let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes and wipe it out.
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        Sportsmans Warehouse carries Wipeout. I've been using it for about a year now and I'll never go back to my old ammonia based products (Sweets 7.62) nor those lengthy bronze brush sessions.

        To prevent the stuff from squirting out the end of the barrel and making a mess, try a Ziplock sandwich bag and a rubber band. It keeps the foam in the barrel where it doesn't eat the bag.


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          A couple 3 treatments with WipeOut will remove all the copper. But copper build up also vaies on bullets used, some shed more copper than others. Me personally I dont sweat copper fouling until accuracy suffers, and in my guns thats seldom.


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            I like the foaming bore cleaners...

            I've used several... Wipeout, Knockout, Gunslick and so on.

            I use a little sled dog boot over the barrel muzzle or use an expanding foam earplug in the chamber if I have to spray from the muzzle end.

            Really not sure what product is better than another tho' from a chemistry standpoint. I've had reasonable success & no smell or mess with all of the foaming bore cleaners I've tried so far. Convenient, easy & and it seams to be working uniformly evenly distributed w/in the bore.

            My only issue might be that some call themselves a good lubricant --- a 1 can product that does all for after the cleaning process. Lubricant yes... good in the cold or left on parts in excess NO!


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