Once fired brass on airlines???



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  • Once fired brass on airlines???

    I figured some of you gun guru's around here know the answer or at least where to find it...
    I have a gallon bag of once fired brass and want to take it with me on AK airlines to Seattle. Can I do this? The brass is exactly like it came out of the gun. No cleaning and spent primers are in still. Kevin

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    Why not?

    Once fired brass presents no danger, just small pieces of metal. But, I would put it in checked luggage, to avoid paranoid mentalities. If questioned during check-in, just tell them what it is. Otherwise, you could just mail it to your destination.


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      I don't think you'll find any rules against it, but you might call the airline you'll be flying on and make sure. The one thing to be aware of is that the nitrocelulose residue from the burnt powder can trigger the explosive detectors during baggage screening. You'll be sitting down at the gate (or in line at security trying to get to the gate) when this happens, so you would probably never know about it. However, when they X-ray your baggage and especially if the sniffer triggers on your bag, it will be opened and hand searched. So I'd just make sure all the brass is in a clear package (zip-loc bag, etc) right on top. When TSA opens the bag, you want it to be plainly obvious what set off the alarms.

      I'd think it would be best if you deprimed it all and run it through a cleaning cycle in the tumbler. A bag of clean brass with little powder residue would probably attract no attention.
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        Not in carry-on

        You don't want it in your carry-on I had 1 fired case - .338 - that I left in a carry-on and I got the royal treatment - clothing search, dumped out all from the carry-on and I had to find the casing - which they then threw out!
        Just a side note - last year on checking in bags - they x-rayed and spotted 2 boxes 20 rds. each of .375 Ruger - they rejected that bag as the ammo was not in a locked box!!!
        I tried to tell this guy that all they need to be in is a box made for ammo - no go! Finally asked to see his supervisor who then explained that "guns" have to be in a locked box, not ammo - I was just glad that his supervisor was there, and he was a shooter so he knew the regs.



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          Depends on where you are and who your flying with.

          Me and the wife will come home from Fairbanks or anchorage, and all our pistols and rifles bought during our trips go in a locked case, and checked in. Both airports have "experts" that are very heplfull, and can guide you to getting it done right with a bit of questioning.

          Ammo must be in the box, and in checked luggage for small ammounts, and large ammounts go hazmat/ORMD, with an additional fee and on cargo only flights (I bulk buy)

          Then again, in the Bush, I pull out my pistol, and look at the one the pilot carrys while he looks at mine. I just leave my lighter and pocket knife in my pocket, so I wont upset any passengers......

          Should be like that everywhere, eh??!!
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            Alaska Airlines allows 50# ammo in checked luggage. For brass you could put them in a box with a sheet of paper stating "empty used cartridge cases". But then, it would be easier to just mail them.
            ALWAYS PRINT the airlines regs as you never know who you'll be talking too at the 'port; you could have an old salt who knows things or someone fresh off the boat from America who knows nothing. Been there, done that.
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              Kind of how I figured. Appreciate the info.


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                Even only bullets in sealed factory containers have to go in checked baggage!!! Loaded ammo in factory containers or hand loaded ammo in containers specifically manufactured for ammo OK up to 50 lbs - just make sure to notify when checking baggage .... otherwise someone might have a seizure!


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