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  • For your consideration

    I just sent out this message to Murkowski, Young and Begich. I am not suggesting to anyone send a similar E-mail, but I did. I don't have the desire to beat around the bush. My Hotmail account was not accepted by the Begich site, so I'll have to find another way to reach him.

    Senator Begich,

    I know you are aware of the heinous and unconstitutional HR45 gun control bill. It would sound the death knell of our 2nd Amendment rights. Because all of us are very concerned with the failing economy and the ridiculous and inadequate "Stimulus" bill, I worry that HR45 will be slipped through. PLEASE do not allow that to happen! I know the present administration will also go along with the UN Global Disarmament Treaty, removing an important part of our country's sovereignty, leaving us vulnerable to the whims of the UN.
    I know many law-abiding and patriotic people who will not abide by HR45 because of its obvious unconstitutionality and fascist overtones, thereby creating a new level of felons who wouldn't deserve such a situation. Please do what you can. Our country must remain intact.

    Warren Troy
    Anchorage, Alaska

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    I applaud your efforts. I email my legislators frequently.

    I think were probably wasting our time with Begich, though. He will support every Liberal issue the Democrats come up with, including ANY gun legislation that takes them away from us, or makes it harder for us, and easier for the crooks.

    Hes a Team Conniver.

    Smitty of the North
    Walk Slow, and Drink a Lotta Water.
    Has it ever occurred to you, that Nothing ever occurs to God? Adrien Rodgers.
    You can't out-give God.


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      Don't know

      I don't know Begich well enough, but him being a junior Senator, to get on any important committee, he'll have to go along to get along, so unless he changes parties or becomes what he says he is in regards to the 2nd Amendment and Alaska, he's hamstrung.


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        You can go to his website, and send an email, I have but good luck on any response and with the way he voted on the stimulus bill I feel he is just a liberal, he will vote party lines no matter what promises he made to the folks that voted for him. Good letter and good luck, we need everyone to email him with similiar letters if we even have the slightest chance on changing his liberal agenda.


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