Best places to buy 45-70 ammo in Anchorage area



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  • Best places to buy 45-70 ammo in Anchorage area

    I don't handload so I am stuck being a lowly person that has to actually has to buy my ammo.

    I usually just buy from SW or the like for factory ammo. However, I am looking for some lever revolution in 45-70 as well as some good bear stopping rounds such as Garrets or Buffalo bore, etc, none of which is carried by SW. So where do you guys buy these sort of rounds.


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    I was in SW last night, looking for .45-70 ammo. LeverEvolution was all I could find. It was on the top shelf, about in the middle of the aisle I think. It was the cheapest i could find too, $32, Walmart wanted almost $40.


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      I bought lever revolution yesterday at SW, chimo's carries buffalo bore.


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        I must have bad luck. I've been in SW in wasilla a couple times a month and every time I go there I only see lever revolution for the 444 or 450. Very frustrating. Anyways, I'll have to swing in again and hope its not all bought up. Anyone know where to get the Garrett hamerheads I think they are called??

        Thanks Guys


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          Great Northern Guns and AK Shooters Supply both have Buffalo Bore. I haven't looked for the Hornady stuff, Garrett ammo isn't sold retail as far as I know. If I'm wrong about that I'd like to know!
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            HSM loads Kodiaks bullets.


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              45/70 rounds

              Garrett does not ship here (they only ship direct) so if you want it, you'll need to ship to someone in the lower 48 and then have them fly it up with them. Kind of a pain but that is how I did it. Also might want to check with boondocks in Eagle River.

              Good luck.


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                Well if you know someone in the Airforce or Army they can go to the BX/PX and buy you some. They have a good selection of 45-70 ammo...


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                  Mountain Veiw Sports carries a good varied selection of 45-70 ammo, stop by or give'um a call.


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