Cabela's "club" rewards program any good?



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  • Cabela's "club" rewards program any good?

    Does anyone use this promo program from Cabela's. 2% back on Cabela's purchases and 1% on all other purchases? I don't carry credit card debt, but I'd pay bills with their visa to accumulate points. Any one try it?

    Here's info I copied from the promo:


    Get approved instantly and take $15 off your purchase today!

    $15 off upon approval
    By taking just a few minutes to fill out our brief application below, we'll give you $15 in CLUB Points to use on your purchase today upon approval!

    Earn more FREE gear with every charge
    *2% back for all purchases at Cabela's
    *1% back everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted (gas, groceries, etc.).
    *No tricks, just the Cabela's way
    *It's easy to redeem your points through, any Cabela's store or any of our catalogs - just tell us!
    *No restrictions on what you can redeem points for - anything Cabela's sells is fair game
    *There is no limit on points and they never expire on accounts in good standing
    *No annual fee
    *FREE Online Services
    *Access to exclusive CLUB offers not available to the general public
    *Easy online banking features - make a payment, view your current activity, request statement information and much more!
    *Download transactions to Quicken or Microsoft Money
    Two Easy Steps to FREE gear
    Fill out the brief application below and submit (please be patient - the approval process may take a couple minutes)
    Place your first order with the card and automatically get $15 off today
    Your welcome packet and card will be delivered within the next 10 business days. The points you earn on today's purchase will appear on your next statement. If you have questions, please call us at 1-800-850-8402.

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    I use the program and if you are going to buy from Cabelas and pay monthly, its an ok program. The one thing I like about it is they do have offers for club members only. An example is the Leuopld VX-III scopes, they were available to club members after the reqular listings were sold out. I bought a 1.5-5 and a 2.5-8 for 299 each and with the Cabelas bucks and points, it lowered the price some more.


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      cabelas club

      GREAT----i put everything,including utility bills on my Cabelas card----but,here is the only way to do it---pay the FULL BALANCE every month---co;;ect the rewards and avoid interest charges!!!!!


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        cabelas club

        GREAT----i put everything,including utility bills on my Cabelas card----but,here is the only way to do it---pay the FULL BALANCE every month---collect the rewards and avoid interest charges!!!!!


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          I've used Cabela's VISA for several years and I like it......I do not carry over any balance.

          The points I accumulate allow me to get a couple new pair of boots every year at no charge.

          I also like the fact that Cabela's manages their own VISA not Bank Of America....If I call, they speak good mid-America English and are very reasonable to work with.......not so common in the business world today.


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            I got mine with the intent of trying to get some Swaro binoculars with points. Problem is you would have to spend about 50000 at cabelas for that to come true. We got a very High limit and payed every thing we got with it for one year and I think I had about 350.00 dollars in free points. It allowed me to buy a VX-III, But I think I am done trying to get binocs with it.
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              I have been a long time member of of Cabelas rewards, I started with the free program, and eventually switched to the card.
              I have bought multiple items with my points and never had a hassle. I make a point to pay most of my bills with my cabelas card, including my bar tabs :-). In addition I typically wait for the coupons to come along before I buy which adds additional savings. If nothing else it's free and great way to get free stuff. Here is a breadown of the free cabelas program and the cabelas redit card program is anyone is interested. Enjoy


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                Yes. You don't have to get the Visa to get reward points. Over the last couple of years it has paid off.

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                  I just got a Cabela's Visa Card............Because for 25 years I have been using an Alaska Airlines Visa Card, I don't fly anymore, and I must have 200,000 to 300,000 air miles that I'll never use. I wish I had switched to the Cabela's Card 20 years ago. Why don't I fly, because if someone is going to treat me like "CHIT" I sure as Hell ain't going to pay them to do it.


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                    I've been using the Driver's Edge card from Citibank for years. It has no annual fee. They used to give 5% back when you purchased a new car but dropped it to 2% back on every purchase and you can redeem the points when you buy any vehicle - just send it proof of purchase and they send you a check. Since I end up buying some vehicle every few year this hasn't been an issue and I get a check to send anywhere for anything or just bank it. Interest rates are high but I pay it off every month so rates aren't an issue. I bought a truck last year and put it on the card so actually got a 2% discount on top of everything.

                    The COSTCO American Express card is another option with 2% back on most everything. They send a check at the end of the year. There is an cost however - I think about $75 a year.
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                      I have been using a Cabela's card for 6 years now , the key is to pay your balance off EVERY month . The points have bought me some cool stuff and their customer service is GREAT . I call the 800 # on the card before I leave on vacation or buy a large item to get preapproved [That really messes with the cashiers head ]


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                        Very simple to use at their stores too, they ask you if you want to redeem your points towards your purchase when you check out. Kind of like the REI memberships. I have and use the Cabelas VISA however for the most part I only use it at their store or for on line purchases with Cabelas.

                        An interesting story about their card, last summer when driving the ALCAN we stopped in Haines Junction and the AK Airlines VISA would not work (problem I often have when I forget to tell the Credit Card places I'm traveling). So we tried the Cabelas VISA which would not work either (declined). I was thinking ouch as my fuel bill was $270+ Canadian and I'd rather not give them cash.. My wife has an American Express which we normally only use at Costco and primarily just get for the companion fare and Delta miles and it worked. We paid for the gas and got back into the truck and my cell phone was ringing before I sat down, it was a guy from Cabelas Visa who called as there was suspicious activity on my card. I confirmed for them that that suspicious activity was me and then called the other credit card companys and informed them of my travels as well. I was going to say what great service from a credit card company but before I got off my phone AK Airlines VISA called my wife's cell phone. Guess I need to tell them ahead next time.


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