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Custom Sako Finnbears

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  • Custom Sako Finnbears

    I have come across three Sako Finnbears which appear to be custom. They are all three L61R Garcias. They have very nice engraving from the butt to the forend and a deer/antelope image on the bottom plate. The three calibers are .300 win mag, .308 Norma, and .375 mag. all three are said to be new, and unfired.

    I am not sure how to post pics, please pm me with an email address and I will be happy to send some. Thanks for any help in advance. I was wondering how rare these are, and what a ballpark value would be.

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    Sounds like the factory made high grade rifles they made. The antelope on the floor plate was the marking they used on those rifles. No clue on value though.


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      These sound like the Super Deluxe engraved rifles. Send a pic to:
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