Clinton supports the Obama gun control agenda



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  • Clinton supports the Obama gun control agenda

    Murphy has a very good point that only 2nd Amendment related political statements should be on this forum. I fully agree. The reason i started putting 2nd Amendment threads on the Shooting Forum is because I felt that many more of us would scan this forum then the Global Forum and that some of us do need to be apprised of the growing danger to our gun rights. Here is a piece from an NRA-ILA alert. If you care to read it, I suggest paying close attention to Clinton's discussion of "communitarianism." It is a major declaration of what our government is headed for, no doubt. If you are an individual who likes to think for himself/herself, this is very interesting. God Bless the USA!

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    Well that sounds about right. It would be funny if it were not so dangerous to our country.

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      Yeap, same old rash, just pops up in different place every now and then.

      I still remember how fast the approved TV movie came out about the Waco Texas BATF raid. In fact it was filmed before the final outcome.
      They turned a BATF gun grabber raid gone wrong, into a family and social services case. When that was not enough they added all the sorted details of the "cult". Makes me wonder where Janet Reno is these day...

      Back when Bill and Hillary were running the shop, our Air Guard unit was ordered to turn in a bunch of new 22 caliber target rifles and various target pistols for immediate destruction.
      I had to use all our spare parts and even sent eighty S&W Model 15s (38 Special aircrew revolvers) off to the cutters. It was enough to make you puke.
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        Clinton statement

        Did you guys read the paragraph where Clinton talks about the "individual being an impediment to society?" I hoped for a reaction to that also, besides the obvious gun-grabbing rhetoric.


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          I find it mind bogging to consider how this amount of unamericanism can be found in such high levels of American politics.


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            And then

            All I can say is, after your mind settles down, PLEASE write your representatives. Voice your concerns and your wants. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! Unless we let it slip aware any further.


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              communitarianism sounds an awful lot like communism.


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                But I think a more generic form of authoritarian govt., made more possible by removing private firearms. Whatever it takes, people, we cannot allow that. If we do, it's all over.
                Geez, I never thought it would hasppen in my lifetime. Wonder how many have said that before.


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                  Since she's not running for President any more I guess she forgot that she was a hunter and a good old boy.


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                    Ted says it right


                    This man says it right. Gun rights


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                      Originally posted by mauserboy View Post
                      Did you guys read the paragraph where Clinton talks about the "individual being an impediment to society?" I hoped for a reaction to that also, besides the obvious gun-grabbing rhetoric.
                      ...followed by "including authoritarian gun control" and "total disarmament of society just like in almost all modern democracies". He says "Nobody wants to get rid of the 2nd Amendment" but he doesn't specifically say HE doesn't want to ...and the big "But ...we have to!" can be heard echoing down the halls even though he didn't specifically say it. Just like Obama's history of anti-gun voting, followed by a campaign where he proudly supported the 2nd Amendment, followed by his administration jumping on the gun control band wagon within the first 2 weeks of office. And you want to trust THESE guys with 'society'? Not me, Friend. Not me.



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                        Early enemies of the second amendment

                        I've accumulated a collection American Riflemen Magazines dating back to the early 20's. I enjoy reading through these for information on gun history as well as the histroy of gun control.

                        In early 20's long before crime became an issue the group pushing gun control was none other than the communist party! There was no real excuse for gun control - the communist just didn't think Americans should be allowed to own guns - armed slaves are too troublesome! Remember at this time the communist had just taken over Russian with Americas help and communist looked like a good idea to some.

                        Looks like some 80 years later we are seeing something similar.
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                          Join the NRA

                          All good posts and replies, this just brings up that if you read this forum you should be a current member of the NRA and the GOA, the more numbers we can get to support our second amendment rights the better chance we have. Look what happened during the Clinton era and how the NRA helped out with it's membership numbers. Lets all work together and not let these liberal tyrants take away our rights.


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                            Join the NRA

                            There is never going to be a better time than the Obama Administration to move quickly and boldly to implement a grab towards all our firearms. The socialist Dems own the Whitehouse , the Senate and the House. Full registration, fees everywhere, a written test, mental health release, a Federal ID and thumbprint, no person to person purchase without disclosure, no grandfather clause and every violation a federal offense. An all out move to gather data on current and furture purchases is pending. The Obama Adminstration will stop at no attempt to consolidate their power and control. Under H.R. 45, the Blair Holt Firearm Bill, your gunsafes are in their sights! This is the Brady Bill on steroids.

                            An NRA membership and an email campaign to your "representatives" is a good start.


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