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  • To sporterize or not...oh the agony

    I like military Mausers. They spin my prop. So I bought a Czech Vz24 a couple months back in 7x57mm.
    It was a real rust heap, but I spend a few days making it look closer to what it should look like for a Mauser built in 1930.

    BUT, the bore is shot out! I mean gone.... It key-holes at 50 yards.

    So I thought I would buy a cheap military barrel in 308 or 7x57mm or even 30-06. Nope, no such thing as a cheap military contour barrel,,, since they (the govt) are blocking imports of military barrels... (yeah , why)

    Anyway, a new military contour barrel from Brownells is almost $200. I would then have to get the chamber finished and head spaced. Sweat on the rear sight sleeve and solder on the front sight base. So I would probably have another $300 into a $200 Mauser.

    I could also go whole hog and buy a nice sproter barrel for about the same amount, rebend the bolt, and buy a Boyds stock or something similar.

    Then I could make it into a 338-06, 9.3x62mm or some such thing...

    Either way it will turn into a $500 to $600 gun that is really not worth that much....
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    Couple o' Options...

    If you're hung up on having a military contour barrel, well, can't be much help, except to say that in the future I'm gonna have an 8X57 barrel off a VZ24 available...I'm going to replace it with one of the Adams and Bennett barrels from Midway for $89.99.....

    Adams & Bennett Barrel Mauser Series 3 7x57mm Mauser (7mm Mauser) F14 Contour 1 in 9-1/2" Twist 21" Chrome Moly in the White
    Product #: 413837
    Status: Available
    Currently 3 available at this price
    Our Price:


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      I have not looked in a few weeks but there were several 8x57 stepped contour barrels on gunbroker about 2 to 4 weeks ago for about $50.


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        I have been on gunbroker for the last couple of days looking.

        I would like to avoid the 8x57mm....since I no longer re-load for it.

        The military barrels are drying up....

        Although Brownells sells mnew military step barrels for darn near $200 by the time they ship it.

        I may have to sporterize the poor thing...

        I am used to shilen and Douglas barrels. What is the story with Admas and Bennett barrels?
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          I heard that the adams and bennit barrels are made by ER shaw. If so they are decent barrels, usuallly pretty accurate.


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            Adams & Bennett...

            Well, they're not finished as nicely inside the bore as the other brands you're used to...having said that, I put one of their .35 Whelen barrels on a 1939 dated Oberndorf 98, and it shoots better than I can. They're finished on the outside to several contours, but they're all sporter contours. I suppose you could order one of their 'heavy contours' and cut it down to match the military cuts. Lotta work, though, but the only parts you'd 'have' to match would be the pads for the front and rear sights and where the barrel goes through the forward band.
            I'm not necessarily 'in love' with the 8X57, but I've got two, and one, a small ring Czech VZ33 M98 has an absolutely lovely bore and shoots the 200 gr. Speers REALLY well. The VZ 24 is acceptable, but not much use, as I prefer 1903's and A3's, and I 'need' a .25-06....


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