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    I have a sako .375 H&H L61R action. Serial number 7550X. Can anyone help me find out when it was made? Thanks in advance.

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    Murphy is the Sako expert, so maybe he can tell you definitively. I have a couple of sources, one of which indicates that SN beginning with 69677 began shipping in March 1972. Another source suggests that L61R models with SNs 1-90954 were manufactured between 1/31/62 and 9/12/73. Does that help?
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      Hey Forestar, how's things down your way. Thanks for the exaggerated endorsement.

      I'll go with the 1962 through 1973 where about 90,000 were made. My other research would be 1972 also. The would make it a Garcia import I think.

      There was a run of 1000 guns made in 1970 as 50th annerversary guns. and a special magnum numbering of 25 guns in 1973 which would be would have serial numbers 509 to 537. Those are very nice rifles. In 1974 they started over with a numbering change at 500,001. I have one of the first 375 Safari rifles on an A-IV action serial numbered 552,022 made in 1980. And a 30-06 on an A-III action made in 1978 serial number 530,540.
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        "Things" in SE


        Things are going OK down here. Thanks for asking.

        It's a pretty typical winter - snow, rain, snow, rain, etc. Right now we're in a snow cycle, and I'll have to do some plowing this afternoon. Haven't been able to get out to the rifle range in a while, so have been doing a little (just a little) indoor pistol shooting. Doing a little reload development with 9mm, 10mm and 40 S&W with cast boolits for semi-autos.

        Looking forward to Spring.

        In God We Trust.


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