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  • Measuring Distance to Lands - Interpreting Results

    Ive tried measuring the distance to the lands by the method described in the Nosler reloading manual, the speer reloading manual, and several methods found on the internet. They are all basically variations of the same thing. I understand the methods; its reading the results that Im not confident with. Ive put in no less than 10 hours trying to figure it out. I may have the answer, just not confident in it. Heres the data:

    Cartridge: .280-Rem.
    Rifle: T/C Encore (single shot)
    Max C.O.A.L: 3.3300
    Bullet: 160-Gr Speer Grand Slam

    A dummy at 3.3330 can slide in all the way with no resistance; any longer and I can feel when it jams. However, if I soot a bullet at this length, it has marks from the lands around the entire bullet. A round at 3.2900 has no land marks. Anything between 3.2900 and 3.3330 has marks, but increasingly less. At 3.3000 for example, what appears to be marks from the lands are only on one side, not all the way around the bullet. Is that normal? I would assume if the bullet is touching the lands, it would show around the entire bullet.

    Anyone else have this trouble when you first started out?

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    Oops - meant for this to be in the reloading forum, not shooting. Murphy can you please move!


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